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    Re: MUST HAVE!!!!!!

    ZanaSoul - 26.09.2006, 07:48

    MUST HAVE!!!!!!
    If you like mushy, groovie and ass shaking musiq...GO out and get Justin Timberlakes new album NOW NOW NOW..NOt my style of music really but i love the record and the guy is yummy hot hot hot what more can i say...


    Re: MUST HAVE!!!!!!

    Anonymous - 05.10.2006, 18:31

    lol why should i get his album get it on the internet is free besides its not my styl of music

    Re: MUST HAVE!!!!!!

    [GD]Funtik - 05.10.2006, 19:10

    lol? Zana only said you should get it, how you get it is YOUR problem....

    sorry, but your post is kiddy and anonymous posts are something for pussys ^^

    Re: MUST HAVE!!!!!!

    ZanaSoul - 05.10.2006, 19:17

    lol i made this post? must have been drunk ^^

    Aye how u get it its ur problem dude i dont care dl or buy ur music. And Funtik agreed..hiding is just lame..muahahaha

    Re: MUST HAVE!!!!!!

    [GD]Funtik - 06.10.2006, 13:45

    you was this? tztztz no comment ^^

    Re: MUST HAVE!!!!!!

    ZanaSoul - 06.10.2006, 14:13

    Noo Funtik i didnt make the guest post..but the original post dont remember even making ^^

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