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    Re: more dumm shit

    [GD]Valhalla - 25.09.2006, 19:52

    more dumm shit
    im dusting off my gun

    let the UT world hear me name

    im back to kick some ass

    and nothing gonna stop me know

    its me the one and only Dukenator

    hihi srry

    i want to play with so many guys again

    just the other day i got my arse kickt and i thought cant let that pass so HI guys

    Re: more dumm shit

    ZanaSoul - 26.09.2006, 07:49

    hahahahaha u should play at other servers then hcg i promisse u will get your ass kicked all the time ;)

    Re: more dumm shit

    [GD]Valhalla - 27.09.2006, 21:35

    i dont think so zana im getting beter with each game i play know you know

    i hope i will see you in faw soon

    and btw hopefully see u on sundag aswell

    Re: more dumm shit

    [GD]Valhalla - 04.10.2006, 12:34

    yaeh im back and taking no prisoners 10th of the week in CTF
    4 wicked sick and a ultra all normal weapons

    i must admit it feel mighty fine

    Re: more dumm shit

    ZanaSoul - 05.10.2006, 07:51

    Rofl statswhore..!!!

    Yes hopefully i can be there on sundays its really usefull training in ngi.

    And i hope you all will enjoy it..woohoo.

    Have fun and good luck in the game its going guuuud for you. :D

    Re: more dumm shit

    [GD]Valhalla - 05.10.2006, 18:33

    statswhore and goddamm prode to be 1

    Re: more dumm shit

    ZanaSoul - 05.10.2006, 19:19

    omg LOL...

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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