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    Re: Wrinkle - Warlock/Ashbeard - Paladin

    Wrinkle - 20.09.2006, 04:20

    Wrinkle - Warlock/Ashbeard - Paladin


    I work in Belfast City Council and input data about complaints of barking dogs and noisey nieghbours and peoples' accidents at work. Rather be building computers but jobs like that are hard to come by.

    Well I mainly want to join Gurubians so I can have fun on my alt warlock and get him some gear too maybe. He has 4/8 felheart and some pretty good blues to fill the other spots. SM/Ruin build as it is sooo imba for anything but grinding.

    Raiding Naxx all week and repeatedly wiping to learn a new boss is rewarding only when you finally down something. Its necessary to have a bit of fun in an instance with easier bosses and where I can learn what a DPS class has to do in instances.

    If the raid needs a healer I can bring my 7/8 Tier2 paladin main with Jindo's hammer, Malistar Defender, ZHC, Angelista's Charm, and Shroud of Pure Thought.

    Re: Wrinkle - Warlock/Ashbeard - Paladin

    denzil - 20.09.2006, 16:03

    omg ppl actualy try to get in? Just turning up in the channel and asking for an invite does it for most people ;)

    Re: Wrinkle - Warlock/Ashbeard - Paladin

    Grohar - 20.09.2006, 16:41

    In the meantime, yes...

    in the first months you had to post an application to have your dkp logged. But even though everyone has his dkp logged, I still like to see those applications and have some idea of who the people are I raid with.

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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