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    Re: Khol Enlightened

    stormking - 18.09.2006, 18:43

    Khol Enlightened
    Because Daniel named my Unicorn deck and it seems to me as if it would be a mixture from the Build of Lars and Christian I have decided to posts it.

    Stronghold: The Khol Wall
    Sensei: Rosoku Sensei
    Wind: Right Hand of the Emperor

    DYNASTY (58)
    events (3):
    1x A Time For Vengeance
    1x Fortune's Gift
    1x The Last Prophecy
    holdings (16):
    3x Arms Smugglers
    1x Gifts and Favors
    2x Mystic Waterfall
    3x Roadside Shrine
    1x Shrine to Fukurokujin
    3x Silk Works
    3x Stables
    personalities (21):
    1x Bayushi Tsimaru - exp
    1x Hiruma Oda - exp
    2x Ide Bantu
    1x Iuchi Lixue - exp
    1x Kaiu Sugimoto
    1x Moshi Amika - exp
    1x Moto Akikazu - exp
    1x Moto Chagatai - exp 3
    1x Moto Hanzhi - exp
    1x Moto Latomu - exp
    1x Moto Rumiko - exp
    1x P'an Ku
    3x Shinjo Loruko
    1x Shinjo Shono - exp 3
    1x Tamori Shiki - exp
    1x Togashi Nyima - exp
    1x Tsuruchi Terao - exp
    1x Yoritomo Yashinko
    regions (18):
    2x Bay of Green Coral
    1x Celestial Road
    2x Crossroads of Destiny
    2x Darkwater Bay
    3x Fields of Pyrrhic Victory
    2x Kaeru Fields
    1x Kanashimi Toshi
    1x Mountains of Exile
    1x Plains of Otosan Uchi
    1x Seikitsu Mountains
    1x Three Man Alliance Plain
    1x Tsuno Swamps

    FATE (40)
    actions (30):
    1x Allegiance to the Emperor
    1x Desperate Wager
    3x Guerrilla Tactics
    3x Heavily Engaged
    2x Hired Killer
    2x I Know That Trick
    3x Into the Darkness
    2x Journey's End
    2x Meeting the Keepers
    3x Political Outcast
    3x Refugees
    3x The Bear Returns
    2x Timely Arrival
    items (5):
    1x Golden Obi of the Sun Goddess - exp
    1x Jiyu
    1x Ruby of Iuchiban - exp
    1x Ryokan's Sword - exp
    1x Shigekawa's Armor
    kihos (2):
    2x Elemental Arrow
    rings (3):
    1x Ring of Air
    1x Ring of Earth
    1x Ring of Water

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