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    Re: very hot topic

    [GD]Mutator - 30.09.2006, 22:31

    very hot topic


    Re: very hot topic

    ZanaSoul - 01.10.2006, 08:28

    erm lol? in what state were you when u posted it? lol

    very hot ouch

    Re: very hot topic

    [GD]Valhalla - 01.10.2006, 11:16

    dude cmon

    what is this you had to much to thrink or what

    Re: very hot topic

    ZanaSoul - 01.10.2006, 11:40

    I see a face in the fire hollow eyes..woohoo scary


    Re: very hot topic

    [GD]Mutator - 01.10.2006, 16:55


    hey guys, lets just say I was not sober at that moment and this section was dead No new topics so we've got a to get something different, lol.

    So never mind (we all do stupid thinks when we're drunk :wink:)

    did anyone did something fun lately?

    greets Bert

    Re: very hot topic

    [GD]Valhalla - 01.10.2006, 16:59

    yes i did some nice things funny to this week o all month i have been going out and having to much to drink YOU

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