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    Re: shield skills

    monty - 11.09.2006, 20:56

    shield skills
    how to use shield

    monty :wink:

    Re: shield skills

    Kronos - 06.10.2006, 08:31

    Oh, i just read this guide, didn't notice it before. And i have to admit, i learned some new things (shame on me). I will try to use them...

    Thx for the guide, monty. :)


    Re: shield skills

    Calin - 06.10.2006, 11:04

    Nice Link, but i heard an additional info:

    With intercept you will get 2x the damage the intercepted person would get. If these information is right, you have to think about your decicion to intercept. And if you have no heal class in group, i would never intercept any hit.

    Just my opinion based on an info i can't prove.


    Re: shield skills

    Johann - 06.10.2006, 11:29

    yes its correct..with intercept you take doubledamage of what the real target would be hitted.

    so just never intercept a caster..this kan kill you without you've been hit once befor..i just learned it the hard way with my johann.

    Re: shield skills

    panachier - 06.10.2006, 12:40

    hmmm ...

    i never read such thing.

    everytime i saw smthg about intercept is you take dammage as if you were without armor.

    Re: shield skills

    Luv - 07.10.2006, 03:59

    intercept is usefull if you dont have guard or you have to protect more than one caster... it can be very painfull to take an intercept, but i've seen intercepts do 1(-789451335484) damage, but that was a long time ago. so just use guard... since intercept only works once it probably wont save the one you're protecting... imho

    Re: shield skills

    Johann - 07.10.2006, 15:11

    Luv wrote: since intercept only works once it probably wont save the one you're protecting... imho

    intercept can save the targets life for sure when you intercept an PA or BS for the caster..problem ist that YOU can be nearly dead than instead of the caster.

    when i see what my caster is hitted in wilton up to.. (up to 600 + sometimes crits up to 400; now take this double..hard hit i have to say..even for a buffed armsy at level 50)
    this could kill my johann if he could intercept for one who is in wilton.

    Re: shield skills

    Raven - 24.12.2006, 13:02

    **** Hits you for 1200 damadge !!!!

    Man intercept is a pain.... and the casters are mostly doomed anyway

    I dont actually see the point in intercept since you mostly are some distance from your target and when you DO intercept it your nearly dead and caster still gets rupted , intercept is only handy in large groups afaik ...

    Re: shield skills

    Poplik - 26.12.2006, 23:30

    well intercept actually killed me once in wilton, I was on my infil, saw warrior and shammy runing on bridge, so i PAd the shammy, but CD got intercepted, both were half dead, but that didn't save me :(

    Re: shield skills

    monty - 27.12.2006, 01:21

    so you mean:

    monty, great link :lol:

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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