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    Re: The "Orden der Tempelritter" (OdT)

    Pad - 11.09.2006, 20:01

    The "Orden der Tempelritter" (OdT)
    Short guild description "Orden der Tempelritter".

    Guild name: Orden der Tempelritter
    Short form: OdT

    Guild leader: Tito, Darkpandora

    Guild colors: Dark Purple
    Guild emblem: Dragon in Circle with pikes

    Qualifications for guild invitation : Registration in the forum and Level 5+
    Guild Homepage:

    Short description: We started half an year ago in the guild Teutonic Knights. After the guild was broken the active players decided to make new one. Me and Grizzly created in April Orden der Tempelritter. Grizzly went to french legion so he give up playing DAoC anymore. I keep on leading and we get some new Players. We are small and not elite but we learn and try our best to support bigger guilds with our Chars. So you can find us in every group which is out there to fight for Albion and we have some experienced player too.
    In case all members at the moment germans our forum is in german too, our guild name is easy to translate: We are the Templar Knights which everyone knows :wink: , call us and we come...

    So far,

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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