Congratulations, Dayilena!! :D

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    Re: Congratulations, Dayilena!! :D

    Lyuna Sedai - 04.09.2006, 18:44

    Congratulations, Dayilena!! :D
    Dayilena Alkiren, at the moment Novice here (though I might change that rapidly :look), offered me help with this Community. Thus it has been decided that she will be a co-admin to me and try together to get this running again!

    So, let us all cheer for Lena!! :D
    :beer :drunk :recruit

    Re: Congratulations, Dayilena!! :D

    Dela - 04.09.2006, 20:01


    Re: Congratulations, Dayilena!! :D

    Aeiryn Cathe'Amon - 05.09.2006, 06:57

    hip hip hooray!

    Re: Congratulations, Dayilena!! :D

    Lythnia Roylin - 05.09.2006, 18:29

    good for you, day! i love this was my first WoT online home.

    Re: Congratulations, Dayilena!! :D

    Lyuna Sedai - 05.09.2006, 19:32

    Oh my.. you just made me feel all warm and fuzzly, Lyth :D

    Re: Congratulations, Dayilena!! :D

    Dayilena Alkiren - 07.09.2006, 06:16

    Thank you! :o I feel very honored :) I really want to see this site growing to be for everyone else what it is to Lyth, and I'm sure everyone else here, which is another home to come to :)

    I hope I can do half as good a job as Mother has, and promise not to let yo guys down ;)

    Re: Congratulations, Dayilena!! :D

    Sereilla Arion - 13.09.2006, 21:12

    CONGRATZ :D ...though I am late :look

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