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    Re: Active

    Journeyman - 02.09.2006, 00:25

    Im more active than most of you lot!

    Re: Active

    philipp - 02.09.2006, 08:57

    hey Journeyman!
    I don't know where you are or who you are but its very nice to see that you are (more) active (than us lot)! I appreciate it very much that there still are people that sit on the computer all day and are always ready to post something on the forum! :wink: I hope youre not too frustrated about us not being able to be here all the time. Anyways, i hope we get to know eachother sometime soon for some flying and stuff! I have to go flying now (real flying) so ill catch you later!



    Re: Active

    Journeyman - 02.09.2006, 19:19

    As you were so very well hinting that i sit at my pc all day... tis true but then thats because where i live there is fuckkkk all to do so all we do is pc or have parties :)
    As soon as college starts up i wont be :(

    Re: Active

    Reaper_Mav - 02.09.2006, 19:22

    ah .. i'm not behind the monitor 24/7 .. but i am browsing the forum daily .. so .. i'm doin my best .. :D

    Re: Active

    Journeyman - 02.09.2006, 19:26

    meh neah im just on and off but everytime i come on i check things lol

    Re: Active

    Grunt88 - 02.09.2006, 20:52

    As for me...some days I'm on very long some days not a t all. But I always try to check the forums.

    Re: Active

    philipp - 03.09.2006, 13:05

    i have a busy life, but i try to be here alot, since im the founder of the pilot's lounge. When we get more people involved here (you could bring your squadmates if you want journeyman) it will be a different story, there will always be someone on.



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