BWL razorgore tactic in video
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    Re: BWL razorgore tactic in video

    Anonymous - 25.08.2006, 00:57

    BWL razorgore tactic in video
    i think this warrior kite would work just great ,read and watch this clip

    Re: BWL razorgore tactic in video

    Anonymous - 25.08.2006, 03:55

    ok =) watched the clip few times and this is what it looks like

    - east & west tanks should be the heaviest and exprienced players from

    - the drakons will go after razor or controller thats why there is a tank near razor and controller to take out agro and start the 8 ( loop ) kite

    - 10 man "groups" in every corner just like we did to kill mages and those legionarys ( in these groups there should be 1 pala / 5 man to keep the drakon tanks alive ) cause they are near the tanks in every corner

    - hunters are saved for ranged nuke part phase 2 !

    - druids can sleep drakons that get too close or get losen by tank , so tank can easily take them again in control

    p.s wroted this at 4:54 am =) good night folks

    Re: BWL razorgore tactic in video

    Gillia - 05.09.2006, 10:17

    In 85, we aren't that clever, but we got a sheitload of dps, so we just nukenukenukenukenuke the obstacles, wether it's a boss or a bush...

    The problem with this tactic is, that if one of the tanks messes it up, we will have a bunch og legionnairs running loose, so it's quite risky. On the other hand, it saves a lot of mana/pots/deaths if it works. Atm we'll just keep do what we're doing, 'cause we're doing damn fine up there (when people show up).

    Re: BWL razorgore tactic in video

    Firefury - 11.09.2006, 14:03

    found good bwl movie on net:

    we could use that videos style in later bosses of bwl since we pwned razorgore "so easily" :P

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