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Re: possible F-104 part?

Flyingkag - 10.11.2009, 19:29
possible F-104 part?
Hi all,

this time it's not a massage about a P51; I found that nice part, who could come from the crash of an F-104 from the french airforce, crashed in 1958. Probably from a belly or wing tank, or gun bay?

Thanks for any identification.


Re: possible F-104 part?

Paul - 11.11.2009, 05:45


French F-104?.......don't think they ever had those. Looks more like F/RF-84.



Re: possible F-104 part?

Flyingkag - 11.11.2009, 10:23

you're right, Paul!

I was mistaking with another plane that crashed in the forest in the area; that other one was an F-104 (with US star on wing, I found a part of it).

Do someone have a picture from the part on the plane? Is it from a wing tank?

Thanks for help, Paul;

Re: possible F-104 part?

Paul - 12.11.2009, 09:08


You might find pictures at http://thunderstreaks.com/


Good luck,

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