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    Re: goldguide #5

    Dargyo - 21.08.2006, 01:29

    goldguide #5
    Make up to 100 WoW Gold Per Hour

    Uldaman Farming

    1. Gotta be enough to kill a lvl 42 elite with 2 lvl 41's attacking you. (lvl 58 Recommendation)
    2. Ok Go in Uldaman, keep going into Dig Three kill the Firehammer guy there, he's pretty easy.
    3. He drops these shoudlers/gun, if ur a disechanter it would be alot of gold . so disenchant them
    4. IF u have 3 bags of those items, go to AH(if ur not a enchanter just vendor them) but if ur a enchanter, DA them and sell it in the AH!
    5. Doign this i made 100g an hour if u need pricing help

    Dusty Tome Farming

    Dire Maul - West (best to use south entrance to the west side).

    In every instance made in all of Dire maul there is a chest spawn & usually a Dusty Tome spawn. In west, there are four spots that the chest spawns, two of which can be gotten very quickly & with few mobs. There are also two Dusty Tome spawn locations (that I know), but only 1 location is easy to get to....just so happens it is about 3 feet from one of the chest locations.
    In each chest there is a lvl50-55 green, some are perdy good, also some change & 1 in about every 25-50 chests have a blue BOE usually worth 60-100g. All the greens dc into Greater eterenal essence & illusion dust, Or you can vendor most items for about 3-5g a piece or sell on the AH. The Dusty Tomes are where the real money is though....90% of the tomes will give you a junk book "nat pagles extreme fishing..." and pocket lint - the rest of the time you will get one of any of the blue class books (each sell in AH from 45g-90g) and an equal chance to get Furor's Compendium of Demonslaying (Warriors epic book) = anywhere from 1500g to 2400g. I have found several now and all sold within a few hours on AH for 2000g

    Now the strat... You enter west on south side. The tome & chest spawn location is in the initial room you come into, before you get to Shen'dralar Ancient. As you are looking at the room from the portal, the chest will be across the room on left side (there is another spawn location on the right side - but after you do this a while, you will see it is more profitable to only look for the left side one).
    If you use an Ornate spyglass you can position yourself on a corner right next to the instance portal (bout 15ft from it) and look down to the south west corner with the chest & tome. (for the first while you will want to run down and make sure nothing spawns till you know exactly where to look). If you dont see the chest or tome, run out the instance and reset it...round trip on an empty instance is about 30seconds or less. IF the chest spawns in that spot(bout 25% of the instances) there will be 3 to 4 tree creeps guarding it. The easiest way to get to them is to have a rogue position behind the chest ready to take it & have another class move up and agro the three trees then turn & run out the instance while the rogue loots. Once you get used to it, you can loot and be back to reset in under 2min.

    Hunters can solo this by using Eyes of the beast & taking the agro to the other side of the instance, then dismiss their pet, grab the loot & move to a safe spot to feign death.

    Screenies for those that have found this confusing...sorry I did not have them up before....

    This is where you should stand to use spyglass...

    Here is what you should see thru spyglass...approx....was in a hurry to get the screenies so I did not wait to find chest...but pasted in a spot where you will see them...

    DM West is easy enough to move around once you learn your agro range and stay close to the south wall.

    Hunter Farming

    Yes this is how I make 120 gold an hour on my friends hunter.

    The secret is feign death and RFK.

    When you enter RFK you have to go all the way to Overlord Ramtusk. This is simple by just walking and using feign death once in a while when u get adds. Now when you get to overlord there will be around 3-4 mobs spaced out in this area, I recommend killing them. After they are dead you will see Overlord standing in one spot with 2 bodygaurds. Each body gaurd has a 50% chance of dropping an Armor Peircer. Armor Peircers sell for 48 silver to a vendor. All you do is pull the two body gaurds away from overlord a distance, and of course it WILL pull orverlord, but do not kill overlord, I repeat do NOT kill overlord. Kill the two body gaurds, when the two are dead, use FEIGN DEATH. Wham overlord will run back to his spot and the two body gaurds will respawn, rinse and repeat. I usually keep my ammo pouch behind, and replace it with 14 slot bag, I fill up all my bags with these peircers, *takes around an hour*, then hearth to Camp T. For alliance, hearth to Terramore I think. Anyways I hope this is a great money making tutorial, that I can post with out getting leaked, since this is a pay site and all :-)

    Make up to 50 WoW Gold Per Hour
    Best Farming I Have Found Yet. 52+

    I enjoy grinding off humanoids. I have no idea why. I choose it over beasts. So when I was level 56 I wasn't sure where to go. The level 56 undead in WPL that freeze you are just not worth the effort so I went looking and I didn't have to go far. I hit up EPL and vered a bit off the road to the undercroft. There are Mossflayer zombies there and the only thing that they do other than melee hand-to-hand is an instant spell that reduces stamina & spirit by 28. I can live with that. There is a perfect amount of mobs for me to maintain 38k/hour exp. There is only one mob there that is close enough to another to link and you can completely skip him if you want.

    Ok now to what the title is about. I was grinding there from 56-58 and the drops were incredible. Not only was I getting 3 stacks of runecloth/hour but I was picking up about 7 gold per hour. That isn’t even the 1/2 of it. The first time I was out there I was grinding for about three hours and came away with about 25 gold worth of greens. That is the least that I have made there yet. This weekend I was grinding there for a while. I came away with about 100 gold worth of greens and the following somewhat high dollar items:

    1. (Blue) Elder Wizards Mantle: 25 gold - 40gold on AH
    2. (Green) Plans: Thorium Shield Spike: 90 gold -125 gold on AH
    3. (Purple) Glowing Brightwood Staff: 650 gold - 800gold on AH

    Now I know I probably got pretty lucky this weekend but I got a great exp/hour and even without the three somewhat high dollar items I still did phenomenal.

    Give it a try if you are not quite ready to farm Tyr's Hand.

    Razorfen Downs Farming

    The target is Razorfen Downs located in the southern barrens, this instance is for about levels 35-45.

    To do this run you need to be a rogue level 60 (maybe a bit below) and you also need to have enchanting
    When you enter the instance go into stealth and follow the map outlined (it may be a bit incorrect but u get the idea, just get to the last boss)

    When you get to the part labelled 4 look around for the boss there (he is hard to miss) and kill him
    he should drop a blue item, next go back into stealthed and travel to the top of the spiral and get to the main boss of RFD.
    The way to kill him is to keep your back to the little cave like thing that he stands in front of other wise you will get knocked off the mountain.
    Start out with cheap shot to stun him and just start spamming skills, once he summons he minions use evasion. (you might want to bring some healing pots just incase)
    if done right he should die and drop 2-3 blue items.

    Now comes the money making part you should have 3-4 blue items in your bag now and this is were enchanting comes in. use the skill disenchanting on the blue items
    the should all disenchant into small radiant shards which sell for 10-15g on most severs.
    Once you get at this it should only take about 10 mins to complete which is about 60-90g per hour PLUS sometimes a green will drop along with blues which could also sell on the AH
    I suggest selling the small radiant shards for 10g so that people will chose yours over others and selling them in stacks of 1 or 2 will also increase the buying rate.

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