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    Re: goldguide #3

    Dargyo - 21.08.2006, 00:21

    goldguide #3
    ---------------------------Introduction info--------------------------------------
    Ok, im sure youve seen the topic about the new way of getting to the IF airstrip.
    Alright, your basicly going to be farming linen- at the IF airstrip there is a frozen lake with TONS of trolls and dwarves and such near it. If you follow the lake on the map youll end up near a blocked off cave, near this cave youll see about 10 mobs spawn every 6 seconds or so, and sometimes more. These mobs drop linen like crazy, as well as other green items.

    I want to first share an experience I had here, I brought my friend here (level 60 mage ice/arc mage) and we decided to farm linen. We both used crowd control skills to kill multiple mobs at onece, we would then collect all "Green" loots and linen, we made about 600 linen in 20 minutes together. Now, my friend had an idea- he was going to make an alt that had tailoring and enchanting on it, the reason for this is- he could take all the linen we made- turn them into green items, and DE (dis-enchant) them and sell the mats on the AH. We made about 1110 gold in the first day after 8 hours of farming, we then split this between us.
    Another thing which can be useful here, is to get a raid together, first get classes that can kill many mobs at onece. Then assign certain people to be the looters of the group, make sure free for all is on. )optional( You can also have deliverers, which can take all the farmed linen and greens and bring them to the DE/tailorers back in IF or what ever city your operating in,and do this to your hearts content.

    Another thing which I did, was sell the place out- I would choose trusted people I knew, tell them about the place and how they could make so much money off it, they would then pay me say...100-200g a week from showing them the place. So far ive sold this out to 5 people.

    This is a great technique for guilds to use- espeically if they are planning on doing endgame raids/instances, my guild can now afford full Dark Iron plate armor/ Enriched thorium plate armor/ and Valor armor- All 3 sets for every tank in the guild.

    I would recommend keeping this on the down-low on your realms, only let people you trust and know, in on this guide. If words gets out Blizzard may try to defeat this place onece and for all.

    Have some nice bags with you, and tons of free slots- its a long trip to get to the air strip from any city/ make it worth it.

    Your going to want to be atleast level 40- the higher the level, the better and easier this will be.

    Casters/warriors/hunters are great classes for this guide- any class can be used though.

    -----------------------------Screen shots------------------------------------------

    I have attached screen shots of this guide and area.

    -----------------------------Credits of this very quick guide---------------------

    Darktactic- Creator of the guide.
    Lethal- For supplying the info needed to reach the Air strip.
    Venomonk- My buddy for helping me test this guide.
    Kauz- My strategy advisor for this guide.
    Ebbtide- My farming helper.

    der weg zum IF airport

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