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    Re: US East

    Anton - 17.08.2006, 04:47

    US East
    helo all u intersting ppl that r apart or this little comunity. im new :) incase u kant tell by my LOW post count and i thowt id just let all you no that myself and a group of frends hav found this map to be awsum and that we are starting a clan(keepers of Nooks legacy) on US East. vershion 0.7 is now spreding as we type to the 4 coners of this relm. thro the careful patence of or primary host and soon to be clan leader(lyncor) we hav had many ful games(5 vs 5) and would be very interseted in having sum games with the members of this forum... if ur intersted drop me an email at or mesage me on Batil net (us east) at 044Anton. i wont be on batil n et 4 the next fuw day because of me just moving house. so i mite post some of the ppls usernames 2 moro if they are ok with that...
    enyways hav fun hope to see you in a cuple of games (i promes not to go easy on you :P )

    Re: US East

    Omerta - 17.08.2006, 18:11

    I laughed at the clan name. :>

    Anyway, I'll try to visit you some day, even it will be harder now that schools have started. I have 31 lessons per week in this term, which isnt so bad but I need to wake up around 6:45 AM for school so I can't stay up till late night. But maybe on weekends, we shall see.

    EDIT: And try using proper grammar so won't have to think twice what you had written.

    Re: US East

    Meh - 18.08.2006, 03:06

    >.< Ya beat me to posting. :\ Ah well I guess I will try to give you a bit more info about Konl. Lynocr and company are on about 4-7 a.m. (U.S time) On east. We have a few more hosts, other than Lyncor. :P And I am almost always on due to a lack of Life. Oh and we have not actually "made" the clan yet as it is bothersome to have everyone on at the same time >.>.

    Re: US East

    Katsumoto - 18.08.2006, 11:40

    the clan
    hmm...;) that is very interesing...i'd like to join to the guild but...i play on EU pvpegn server...and i think that i cant go on your server;). but i will tray to do somethink to go on this server, maybe that is possible...

    Re: US East

    tegeus-Cromis - 18.08.2006, 20:32

    Katsumoto, you can't log on to bnet? Hmm. . . .

    Re: US East

    Skirn - 21.08.2006, 09:23

    I'm stuck being simply saying...


    Or yelling and screaming...


    I'll go inbetween and go, "Ooh..."

    Anyway, I'm Skirn, USEast is my regular Bnet server, if I don't poke you guys, you're completely welcome to poke me.

    Re: US East

    Lyncor - 22.08.2006, 07:16

    Heya, peoples!

    Lyncor here, as you can obviously tell.

    Yes, the rumours are true - there is a Samurai Legends clan forming on US East. I have messaged nooK about it already, considering the name...

    Keepers of nooK's Legacy.

    I look forward to seeing people online. I've already met a couple people from the forums and played with them. All I can say is 'Yay, a challenge!'.

    Feel free to add me to friends (Name is Lyncor on bnet) so you can see when I'm playing. I'm also getting a connection upgrade soon so it won't be so laggy when I host ;)

    Samurai Legends for the win!

    Re: US East

    Lyncor - 24.08.2006, 05:10

    The clan is officially born! We managed to get the 10 people online!

    I look forward to many awesome games. We've already played 2-3 wicked sick in house matches.

    Is it bad that public games of this are extremely easy to win? :)

    I wonder if more people would play if we let them win.. hmm... :?

    Re: US East

    nooK - 24.08.2006, 12:50

    WOW :)

    13 members not bad guys :)

    Quote: Is it bad that public games of this are extremely easy to win?

    I wonder if more people would play if we let them win.. hmm...
    Split the clanmembers on the two teams then search your clanmates who are on the opposing team + destroy them :P

    Re: US East

    avarax666 - 25.08.2006, 07:32

    you lot do play wicked sick lol , when i discovered the game i think i lplayed vs lyncor and a couple of others . and seeing as there were 6 veterans it was 5 veterans on 1 team vs 1 on the other team filled in with noobs lol, gues who won. :roll: oh well , time and practice. played a 2vs 2 against criptic yesterday as well, wich was fun . atleast this time i won, but he had some bad backup imho

    Re: US East

    Anonymous - 25.08.2006, 17:34

    nothink ;p
    tegeus-Cromis wrote: Katsumoto, you can't log on to bnet? Hmm. . . .

    yes...cus i said i play on EU serwer by special program....;p i did try but that is inposiblle... i must buy orginal version and then i can join on this server...i think so... :wink: but i'm very interesing about the guild. i play a lot and i love that scenario :P

    Re: US East

    Lyncor - 28.08.2006, 15:10

    avarax666 wrote: you lot do play wicked sick lol , when i discovered the game i think i lplayed vs lyncor and a couple of others . and seeing as there were 6 veterans it was 5 veterans on 1 team vs 1 on the other team filled in with noobs lol, gues who won. :roll: oh well , time and practice.

    Thanks :D

    Yeah, it's mostly time and practice. Essentially, most of the reason that we win all of the pub games that we play (Usually with 2-4 of us, if we have enough for two teams of 4+ it's generally an in-house) is teamwork. Teamwork, Teamwork, Teamwork.

    Let me elaborate on that.

    Pooling gold/honour makes a very early-game Shrine of Wealth. Those who have played on my team will know this strategy. With the first shrine up, it's easier to get the second - provided we can get some hero kills. We usually do, what with the fact that we have some very good Ronin+Ninja teamwork going on. Once 3-4 shrines of wealth are up, we have unlimited money supplies and can buy anything provided we have the honour. This advantage, coupled with the sheer teamwork of our general hero usage, assures victory after victory.

    Our in-house games so far have been pretty cool. As long as we manage to get the teams reasonably even in terms of skill/experience, there are some wicked sick fights and overall a great time had by all.

    Heck, even if we mess up the teams there are still great hero battles. I'll just say now that when my Ronin meets Skirn's Ronin... it's entertaining as all hell. Plus, there was that time with all the ninjas. :shock:

    The primary objectives of the clan:

    1. Play some awesome games of SL.
    2. Spread SL throughout US East, so that's it's as (or more) popular as/than DotA. And then... the WORLD! MWA HAHAHAAHAAAA!

    Re: US East

    tegeus-Cromis - 28.08.2006, 18:54

    Yes, massing Shrines of Wealth is pretty overpowering, and more or less guarantees victory if your opponents do not do the same thing. I have been thinking about making some sort of balance suggestion regarding this, but it is a tricky problem to even begin to address.

    Re: US East

    nooK - 28.08.2006, 21:04

    The extra amount of gold from Shrines of Wealth will be nerfed a bit in the next version.
    But for me they aren`t as imba as they seem: If you can afford to spend all that money on shrines of wealth, while being able to hold off your enemies which don`t build shrines of wealth (without killing them you don´t gain honor, gold ist mostly useless without honor), you must be way superior.

    It´s obvious that if only 2 advanced sl players are in a pubgame that their side will always win, even when they would mass shrines of the merchant :P
    Most people play it the first time and don´t even know how to skill their hero or which abilites their opposing hero has.

    Re: US East

    tegeus-Cromis - 28.08.2006, 21:40

    Here's the thing: it's not that hard to hold off an early push, even if your opponents are better equipped. This is because SL heroes are largely ability-dependent, not item-dependent. Regardless of how poorly kitted out you are, spamming your hero's AOE spells will wipe out the creep wave very quickly, and without the creep wave, heroes have no chance of pushing in the early-mid game. For some heroes like the Onmyoji and Ronin, you can also stop pushes by spamming your skills on an opposing hero instead (if you see he has no potions) as it is really quite impossible that he will have enough HP to tank your full nuke so early and still be able to push.

    Honour is actually a bit over-rated as far as items are concerned. Massing Helmets of the Dragon is still one of the most reliable builds for non-int heroes despite the nerf (note: the problem is not with HoD! Please don't nerf it again!!), and with the no-honour-cost blink sword, you don't even need the 5 honour for Skywalker Boots any more (though they are nice to have). All filled out on HoDs? Get mercs. Who needs honour anyway? :P (Other than for Shrines, of course. . . .)

    I have not been saving my replays lately (and there have been fewer of them, too, what with college and all), but I think I have one or two older replays that show this scenario being played out--both sides are more or less equally skilled, but one side gets items while the other side masses Shrines of Wealth, holds back the pushes quite easily, and later steam rolls the opposition with their massive cash flow.

    Here's my suggestion: don't nerf the SoW. Instead, give it a prerequisite! If you made it so the SoW is only available once you have built one other shrine of any type, it would make the SoW a much more tactical choice--getting it would mean a much longer period where you are basically fighting naked, and even if you rushed it, you would still end up getting it at a point in the game where it may actually be viable to spend that honour on items (or a different shrine) and trying for a quick win instead of turtling up. Basically, it would be what it should be--an option, a choice--instead of the obligatory win-condition it is now.

    Re: US East

    SketchOfNight - 29.08.2006, 03:10

    Hey, don't forget me! I'm SketchOfNight, you know, that guy that hosts all the time? o_O

    Re: US East

    Kai Okarian - 31.08.2006, 04:57

    haha. Kai_Okarian, but you already knew least I hope you did....

    Re: US East

    Meh - 02.09.2006, 10:15

    Bah, I have done away with the list of people as I can not keep up with everyone. :\ Sorry to those that I missed :oops:

    Re: US East

    Shadow Phoenix - 03.09.2006, 13:03

    Heh, heya team.

    Sorry to take so long but i have finally joined the forums!
    Im Mac (ShadowPhoenix) on USEast, live just down the street from Lyncor and it was him and i that founded and came up with the Clan name while we were at work :P

    Its awesome to see what this has grown into and i would like to thank all of you for the support you've given in making this a reality.

    The games we have are amazingly awesome and i gotta say, the teamwork is fantastic. Especially for those of us using tactics on TeamSpeak (Aye Lyncor? :wink: )

    Heres to the Clan *raises glass* And to many more awesome games!

    Samurai Legends for the win!

    Re: US East

    tegeus-Cromis - 03.09.2006, 15:49

    Looks like I'm really missing out! I'll have to drop by your channel sometime. When are you guys usually on?

    BTW, shouldn't it be abbreviated as KonL, since 'nooK' is spelled with a lowercase 'n?' :P

    Re: US East

    Lyncor - 03.09.2006, 21:06

    tegeus-Cromis wrote: Looks like I'm really missing out! I'll have to drop by your channel sometime. When are you guys usually on?

    BTW, shouldn't it be abbreviated as KonL, since 'nooK' is spelled with a lowercase 'n?' :P

    Yeah, but generally in an abbreviation the non-important words are lower case while the important ones are captitalised.

    To make it KonL would suggest that 'nooK' is a lesser word like 'the', 'a' or 'of'. Besides, KoNL looks a whole lot better I think.

    Re: US East

    Shai - 24.09.2006, 09:28

    I'm here sort of....Finally got to logon(Literally logon to Wc3 again)...My advice never make websites...You can have no life -.-..Oh and my name on Wc3 is ShAiLuAk.EvEzNe...I'm ceater of websites and too many computers for Clan KoNL...Right now CLan just has a temporary forum somewhere I lost the link too busy with an actual website for us -.-

    Re: US East

    hatmaster - 25.09.2006, 22:39

    Hohoho a succesful SL Clan already?
    Nice, this sounds pretty successful

    Re: US East

    Anonymous - 04.10.2006, 01:37

    We are very successful, we're got around 30 members now.

    And we dont just let anyone in, we observe players in games on their skill, typing and grammar skills and their general manner.

    Then approach them, perhaps invite them onto our team for a couple of games and then Lyncor and i decide whether or not to extend an invitation into our ranks, only the best for Samurai Legends.

    You'll find some of the best players on USEast in our clan :D

    Lyncor and i never knew this would turn out so well, one of the best things we've done.

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