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    Re: Activity

    qG.Dawn - 08.15.2006, 03:52

    Shouldn't we kick some members that aren't even active in qG weather they are good or not?
    I mean, I've been up pretty late couple of days and only like... a quarter of the team is active.
    I don't understand.

    Re: Activity

    qG.OptiX - 08.15.2006, 06:44

    Yeah this is not very good but not all of our members like to post in forum: some of them seldom see the forum, but they play @ PGT often.

    Re: Activity

    benjamin - 08.15.2006, 08:44

    i think dawn means that a little bit other...

    and i think that dawns question isnt answered enough.

    but it seems as dawn takes care of his new team :roll:

    Re: Activity

    qG.OptiX - 08.15.2006, 11:41

    The main problem lies in language difference. Many members do not speak English enough to communicate here T_T

    Re: Activity

    BreakStuff - 08.18.2006, 07:12

    mb we can use 2 forums? one for russian members, one for optix&benjamin

    Re: Activity

    benjamin - 08.18.2006, 07:57


    what do you want to say with "optix and benjamin" ? man, we give everyday our best for the clan, and then the ppl dont know accept it. you maybe think we are just everyday bored!? :evil:

    no sorry for this are my words missing

    back to topic:
    there is a possibility, BUT the russian members should use both forums as well. and how you can see are some just to laza or maybe just to dumb to use this forum (too)

    and if i look at qG._mut_: "i have no time for checking forums" LOL? this are 5 minutes...

    omg i woke up for 5 minutes and the day started very annyoning for me :x

    Re: Activity

    qG.OptiX - 08.21.2006, 10:01

    I think this is quite a problem now, especially for those who do not speak English. Let's have 2 forums for now...

    Re: Activity

    qG.Basang - 08.21.2006, 13:58

    my english is no good
    because Im here
    study study study (V.I.Uliyanov aka Lenin)

    Re: Activity

    benjamin - 08.21.2006, 16:42

    basang your english is good enough to post here in this forum too :roll:

    Re: Activity

    qG.OptiX - 08.22.2006, 05:39

    He just meant that he's here cuz he wants to follow Lenin's advise and improve his English^^

    Esli 4to-to neponyatno, to vsegda sprashivai, Pro starii forum tozhe ne zabivai, on otkrit.

    Re: Activity

    qG.Basang - 08.22.2006, 06:10

    2OptiX îê

    Re: Activity

    benjamin - 08.22.2006, 09:10

    HAHA lol^^ sei4as ja ponemaju :P

    Re: Activity

    qG.Basang - 08.23.2006, 06:18


    Re: Activity

    qG.OptiX - 08.23.2006, 07:06

    Benjamin jjosh'^^

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