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    Re: What can I do?

    Tithan - 14.08.2006, 08:25

    What can I do?
    Well, my dear friends of Sagon, after 2 years of hard work, real efforts, real money, playing a fair game, my time has come! I faced the destiny alone! I was hunting on scarab cave in Ankh, when I was surprised by a player! He came to me and asked me for payment, so I asked him for what! The answer was simple "Pay or die, I want your equipment!" ! I refused (obviously), so he started to attack me! I run out, I was in 3rd floor scarab cave , when I was near Darashia I was killed! I lost my Amulet of Loss, Blessings and my hope! All my efforts into trash! After the kill, he hunted me for running! I dont know what to do.....seriously..Im really sad with this! As you can see in the following webpage that is the only proof that I have! I was too nervous to save the logs, I got only a screen shot! I hope you can give me a light, a hope! Thank you!

    Yours, Tithan!

    Aug 14 2006, 07:17:16 CEST Killed at Level 54 by Magius

    Re: What can I do?

    Elof the Avalancher - 14.08.2006, 11:54

    I am truly sorry to hear about this attack upon you. I still find it hard to see the aggressive changes in the world, compared to the past.

    It is good that you wrote down the reason for the attack, and I hope you will not need to suffer any more than you already have.

    Re: What can I do?

    Faxifu Stormleaf - 14.08.2006, 12:45

    Not to sound too hard or so, I'm really sad about your losses but,

    welcome to Antica 2006.

    Re: What can I do?

    Kariuz - 14.08.2006, 16:00

    I feel very sorry for you, Tithan. This is how Antica has become now when the Dark Side has taken over.
    There are 3 things to do:
    -Fight them
    -Live with being powerabused
    -Change gameworld

    For me only the last alternative remains.

    Good luck with your future, whatever you decide!


    Re: What can I do?

    Tithan - 14.08.2006, 18:35

    Thank you for your support my friends! Im more calm now, still thinking what about to do! Well, I see you all in game during this time!
    Thanks again!


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