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    Re: first homepage version

    Cursed Heart - 12.08.2006, 15:43

    first homepage version
    this link leads to the homepage:

    home, codex and stories has nothing inside yet.
    is it ok so far?

    there is a small "problem" with the font. I used a font called Park Avenue BT, which was already installed on my one computer and I thought it looked well. So I used it. But when I sent the page online, the other computer didnt have that font. And then the page looks bad.
    Thats why we have 2 possibilities:
    Either I must use an other font.
    Or you must download the font. On the first page, the "home", you can download the font and look how it looks like with the real layout.

    on internet explorer it works well.
    on opera not bad either. I think I have to make some changes still.

    Re: first homepage version

    Faxifu Stormleaf - 13.08.2006, 01:57

    worked good for me on firefox also, very nice! :)

    Thumbs up

    Re: first homepage version

    Cursed Heart - 14.08.2006, 13:13

    what I now mostly need, are pictures and texts I can put into the site, to make it better. I tried it with 2 pictures at the history. but that is a bit few maybe. and for some things like the codex I have nothing yet.

    Re: first homepage version

    Sephirothe - 14.08.2006, 15:17

    Very nice.. thank you for the help :)

    Re: first homepage version

    Cursed Heart - 15.08.2006, 14:12

    ok, I worked a bit on the fonts for the links and for the logo.

    maybe now it is better.

    but I want to explain you one nice problem html-programmers have to face:
    different browsers.

    If you want to see what I mean just open the page in internet explorer and in opera.
    Do you see the differences?
    Those differences make my work a bit hard :oops:

    Look at internet explorer, there everything is fine. In opera you will see problems for the main links to the left, like Home, Codex and so on.
    That happened due to my try to improve everything. I didnt use normal links, because there I can only take a normal font.
    So I used areas. Here I can take pictures as links. I can use whatever I want, make shadows and so on. Even if someone doesnt download the best font, the buttons will always have the correct font.

    Internet explorer makes it pwerfect.
    Opera for example not.

    Now I must think, how I can solve that.

    Till then, post me your thoughts, if the buttons and the logo and all the rest is ok (if you are able to see it correct in internet explorer for example :) ).

    Re: first homepage version

    Elof the Avalancher - 17.08.2006, 09:17

    You should try to fix the size problems aswell. Not everyone is using 1024 x 768 ~

    Re: first homepage version

    Amziz - 17.08.2006, 17:33

    I like it, but please make a members page, so boring to see the page.


    Re: first homepage version

    Natures Lord - 17.08.2006, 17:45

    Amziz I told him not to do that as it would force us to update it more ofent then we might want to.


    Re: first homepage version

    Amziz - 17.08.2006, 20:58

    Ah true. But would still be neat to have one ;).

    Re: first homepage version

    Cursed Heart - 19.08.2006, 14:52

    Elof the Avalancher wrote: You should try to fix the size problems aswell. Not everyone is using 1024 x 768 ~

    ok, I will try. I have not too much time this week.

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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