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    Re: Application.

    Sugas - 13.08.2006, 19:25

    Greetings Sagon!

    This is my humble attempt to write an application :)

    Im 17 years old and i live in Stockholm, Sweden. And i believe the timezone is gmt+01 hours.
    Currently im playing quite alot since its summer vacation and i basically got nothing better to do then practice
    my driving skills so i hopefully can get a drivers license one day :)

    In a week or two i will start school again, and i think i will play about 2-4 hours almost every day, depends on how much
    homework i got.

    I've been playing this character since the beginning and as far as i know im the only one who has access to it,
    I would for sure be surprised if someone else had access to it.
    I've had some former characters, but only temporary ones, they were only created so i could get a feeling of wich class
    i wanted to play, and after quite short time i realised that my heart belonged to the race of paladins.

    My former characters did not have any guilds, but my current one had one. Dark side, wich i left during the first
    "Dark side vs Alliance" war. The reason why i left them was cause i thought the war was silly and the reason i joined
    them in the first place was even dumber, anyway i also left to play some world of warcraft for an year~.

    In world of warcraft i was in this awesome guild, got some really good friends and i went to a LAN with some of them,
    our friendship within the guild was awesome considering we were around 150 guys in it. Anyway, when i got back to tibia
    i was missing something, i wasnt in a guild and most of my friends had stopped playing. What i was and still am missing
    is the friendshid, discussions and raiding/guild hunting that exists in a guild with great players. I believe that sagon
    can give me that friendship and joy that im looking for, and i think that i can contribute in the same way by beeing friendly,
    open minded and open for all proposals!
    Currently i only got one friend within the Sagon, his name is Natures Lord. We've met some times in plains of havoc and a week ago
    we started to speak to eachother, since then i think we've been speaking to eachother nearly every day and we even went hunting
    black knights together earlier this afternoon. He is an great guy and the one who got me to finally apply to your guild!
    Even though i only met Huyabusa a couple of times he invited me to kill some dragon lords with him, we hadnt barelly spoken to eachother
    and still he invites me to help him.

    And that is what i think is sagon behaviour, beeing friendly, non aggressive and diplomatic.

    Usually when i log on to Sugas i talk to my friends and go hunting some foul creatures that infest our wourld, and ofcourse to reach
    my goals within this game. A couple of days ago i reached one of them, to get lvl 100. This may seem superficial but its allways
    been one of my goals. I still got two goals left, to own my own Sword of Valor and to experience great friendship and to have as much
    fun as possible within this game, wich i hope sagon can do. Natures Lord have brought me one step closer to that the last couple of days.

    I think its quite hard to choose five of my close friends, so i rather list some of them; Cusram, Zavkor, Ziphoz, Sirap, Va,
    Cirux, Duraxell, former owner of Dunken and last but not least Nuvido. I dont really have any tibian family except my since
    long retired irl brothers Saphex and Jeko.
    Enemies i got none, atleast what i know off... Might be some paranoid guy trying to kill me when i lay down to rest, who knows :)

    Im gonna be honest with you guys, roleplaying isnt my strong side and i dont really like it, but im gonna do my best to write a roleplaying
    story for you!

    It was late in the night and my feet were soar after a long hunt in the plains of havoc. I was getting ready to get my gear together
    and leave my camp for the night and head back to the warmth and safety of Venore... When suddenly i felt something comming up from behind,
    the creature struck me to the ground and for a moment i couldnt move, i was paralyzed and on top of all that i felt as limb as boned fish.
    I figured the end was near and tried to gather all my powers into an attempt to get up on my feet again, my attempt was worthless
    and the end seemed closer then ever.. everything went dark as the darkest shadows in the deepest pits of hell.
    A voice in the dark, were i alive? the voice came closer, shouting, sorta trying to force itself upon something. Oldrak had came to my rescue,
    fiercely he attacked the enormous creature with all his might, shouting spells and evoiding counterattacks. Even though i went back and forth into
    consciousness i knew that my life was only hanging on a thin thread.
    Several days later i woke up in Oldraks temple, he had taken me in and cured my wounds from the attack. And for every day that goes by im forever thankfull
    for Oldraks heroic actions.

    Im currently lvl 100 and i got mag 19 and distance fighting 94 if someone is curious :)

    Looking forward to here from you and im gonna try to speak to some of your members and gather some more info about your guild!


    Re: Application.

    Kariuz - 13.08.2006, 23:01

    Good luck Sugas!

    Good to see that you put some time in writing your application :)

    Re: Application.

    Amziz - 14.08.2006, 00:37

    Greetings, your application has been noticed.
    We will contact you ingame or here in a week or less.

    Re: Application.

    Sugas - 14.08.2006, 01:27

    Thanks Kariuz.

    Im gonna block some hydras some day this comming week, i would really enjoy if some sagons members would join me on the hunt :)

    Re: Application.

    Natures Lord - 14.08.2006, 12:55

    Glad to see you applying :)


    Re: Application.

    Faxifu Stormleaf - 14.08.2006, 14:21

    Woho, sthlm is the shit! ;)

    Good luck

    Re: Application.

    Zuwoth - 14.08.2006, 14:30

    Re: OOC:
    Faxifu Stormleaf wrote: Woho, sthlm is the shit! ;)

    Good luck

    Hell yeah!

    Re: Application.

    Sugas - 14.08.2006, 15:52

    stockholm for sure is the shit, why would anyone ever want to live somewhere else? :)

    Re: Application.

    Zuwoth - 14.08.2006, 15:58

    Sugas wrote: stockholm for sure is the shit, why would anyone ever want to live somewhere else? :)

    Dunno... :dance:

    Re: Application.

    Sugas - 14.08.2006, 20:00

    neither do i... :thinking:

    does this count as forum spam? :>

    Re: Application.

    Zuwoth - 14.08.2006, 20:29

    Sugas wrote: neither do i... :thinking:

    does this count as forum spam? :>

    Naaa :D

    Re: Application.

    Elyas - 14.08.2006, 20:38

    I dont like Stockholm. (:

    Re: Application.

    Sugas - 14.08.2006, 22:06

    Elyas wrote: I dont like Stockholm. (:

    why? :(

    Re: Application.

    Elyas - 15.08.2006, 11:23

    To big city, very stressful. (:

    Re: Application.

    Faxifu Stormleaf - 15.08.2006, 13:18

    Depends, where I live, and where Huya will live, is it calm and not that stressful :-)

    Re: Application.

    Elyas - 15.08.2006, 14:26

    I cant put my finger on why really.
    I enjoy Copenhagen and Bangkok very much, but Stockholm have always felt like a nono to me, the same as Malmö. <g>

    Re: Application.

    Sugas - 15.08.2006, 15:07

    i live in solna, 10mininutes from central stockholm, in solna its also quite peacefull and calm :>

    I can agree that places like t-centralen and kungsträdgården is abit chaotic, specially at summer...

    but still, stockholm has it all imo :>

    Re: Application.

    Faxifu Stormleaf - 15.08.2006, 15:20

    113 to Solna Centrum is the shit ;O

    Re: Application.

    Sugas - 15.08.2006, 22:05

    Faxifu Stormleaf wrote: 113 to Solna Centrum is the shit ;O

    solna is the shit :>

    though my favorite bus is the night bus from t-centralen to solna ;>

    Re: Application.

    Faxifu Stormleaf - 16.08.2006, 01:28

    hrhr, I never travel by bus ;O only Subway :)

    anyways, cool that you live pretty close to me ;O

    Re: Application.

    Sugas - 16.08.2006, 17:11

    Faxifu Stormleaf wrote: hrhr, I never travel by bus ;O only Subway :)

    anyways, cool that you live pretty close to me ;O

    subway is also nice, but what if you missed the last subway? ;> then you gotta take the bus to get home, and if thats the case then the night bus owns!

    yupp kinda cool that i live close to you, let me guess.. you live in johannesdal? oO

    Re: Application.

    Faxifu Stormleaf - 20.08.2006, 17:17

    Sorry for answering late, sometimes my internet doesn't allow me to power-post :(

    No I don't live in Johannesdal, I live at Islandstorget ;D


    Re: Application.

    Zuwoth - 20.08.2006, 18:36

    Faxifu Stormleaf wrote: Sorry for answering late, sometimes my internet doesn't allow me to power-post :(

    No I don't live in Johannesdal, I live at Islandstorget ;D


    Do you often see polarbears there?

    Re: Application.

    Faxifu Stormleaf - 21.08.2006, 15:58

    well yeah, this is sweden, right? ;)

    Re: Application.

    Sugas - 23.08.2006, 18:43

    yeah lots of polarbears in sweden, and sexy blonde chicks who loves sex...

    Re: Application.

    Kariuz - 23.08.2006, 20:03


    Re: Application.

    Sugas - 24.08.2006, 22:04

    did i forget to mention that 90% of all theese blonde chicks is also air stewardess? :>

    Re: Application.

    Kariuz - 27.08.2006, 13:06

    or they work on konsum

    Re: Application.

    Sugas - 27.08.2006, 19:32

    yeah... konsum.... mhm...

    Re: Application.

    Amziz - 28.08.2006, 15:33

    Well, we'd like to know you better. Perhaps you could try to contact us for an interview and we'll do the same. I hope to hear from you soon ;).

    Re: Application.

    Elof the Avalancher - 31.08.2006, 21:59


    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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