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    Re: Rueben Martell

    newnativspirit - 01.08.2006, 15:48

    Rueben Martell
    Rueben Martell is currently fundraising his movie "A time less empty" starring Nathaniel Arcand, Dakota House, Tinsel Korey and more. This is Rueben´s message to the ones who want to support him:

    Hey Folks,

    I'm doing a fundraiser for my film!!

    It's going to be held in Meadow Lake, Sask. Canada. at the Meadow Lake Civic Centre. It's going to be a dance with New Horizon ( a band from Beauval) and hosted by Nathaniel Arcand and Dakota House. The event will take place on August 11th from 8 to 1.

    I'm raising money to finish the last 2 weeks of shooting on the film. Sundance has e-mailed me with a deadline and damn, I want to make it!!

    I'm still taking donations or if your a business, sponsorship.

    Thanks to everyone that has kept this dead horse rolling (LOL),

    Rueben Martell

    More info how you could support him with a donation can be found on my website. Go and check it out!

    Re: Rueben Martell

    newnativspirit - 01.08.2006, 18:33

    Interview with Rueben
    Find the link to an interview about "A life less empty" on my website. Rueben has just sent it to me and he is talking about his movie and his work in general.

    Re: Rueben Martell

    Estica - 02.08.2006, 19:39

    I will support it :D

    Re: Rueben Martell

    n2thawestfan - 03.08.2006, 05:55

    Rock on! I hope he raises a lotta money! :D 8)

    Re: Rueben Martell

    Idril - 06.08.2006, 12:16

    same here :D

    Re: Rueben Martell

    newnativspirit - 16.08.2006, 10:00

    ok - I still try to find out, how this works ... :)

    Re: Rueben Martell

    Idril - 16.08.2006, 17:01


    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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