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    Re: Something amusing

    }{Huscarls}{Barrett|L| - 02.08.2006, 11:12

    Something amusing

    Now u may be wandering why ive made this topic, well this guy was eager to play me in a best of 5 and so i said yes :)
    He left without a trace after i played him and so i left the lobby, went back online a few hours later to see kanuni challenge me a best of 5 :?
    By fluke my cursor went over his name and wel... :lol:

    Re: Something amusing

    Pietro - 02.08.2006, 14:39

    woohoohoohoo rofl that's great I thought that the wolves had the most upmost honour but I guess that I was wrong :?

    Re: Something amusing

    }{Huscarls}{Barrett|L| - 02.08.2006, 16:05

    Im not slating kanuni or anything by it cos i feel we get on alrite nowadays whenever i see him...
    The title something amusing just shows how i feel about it :)

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