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    Re: Congratulations Jax

    Wishazu - 01.08.2006, 23:32

    Congratulations Jax
    ... On winning Vandalism. Very well done mate, im sure this is a definate case of the "dark horse" coming through to win. Ive updated the hall of fame in our new forums but I just need your address to send you your prize. Either email or home address or both, its up to you mate.

    Re: Congratulations Jax

    -Silent-Miltiades - 02.08.2006, 00:02

    wtg jax!!!!!!
    job well done brother,now u know as a member of SA u must split ur earnings with me :D

    Re: Congratulations Jax

    General - 02.08.2006, 00:20

    nice work fella :D
    that ass kikin u gave me the other day dont seem so bad now! :evil:

    Re: Congratulations Jax

    -FB- - 02.08.2006, 01:32

    JJJAAAXXXXXXXXXX :D Well done nigga...Though no 1 in SA really had a doubt u'd win it but fuckin good job dude :D :sa:

    Re: Congratulations Jax

    ][GERUDO][Mojoman - 02.08.2006, 01:42

    ex-siths own the wooooorrrlddd!!!! :twisted:

    Re: Congratulations Jax

    -FB- - 02.08.2006, 02:29

    ][GERUDO][Mojoman wrote: ex-siths own the wooooorrrlddd!!!! :twisted:

    Only wen they come 2 SA to get there skills fine tuned :twisted:

    Re: Congratulations Jax

    Pietro - 02.08.2006, 02:30

    Really good job Jax very well done you are a devoted and great player and it seems only fit that you won this :wink: :8: :sa: :winner:

    Re: Congratulations Jax

    Lion_Ragnarok - 02.08.2006, 02:39

    Well done Jax and congradulations SA. I must say you surprised me using berzerkers in the finals. Bad luck for me.

    Thanks for the games m8, and I believe we all owe a great debt of gratitude to Wishazu for hosting such a fantastic tournament. :D

    Re: Congratulations Jax

    Pariya - 02.08.2006, 05:33

    Zerks... meh. I always hated zerks... bloody unroutable killing machines.
    Congrats Jax m8, don't forget to send me some of your winnings. :-D

    Re: Congratulations Jax

    -Silent-Furious - 02.08.2006, 06:24


    Re: Congratulations Jax

    -FB- - 02.08.2006, 08:57

    Quote: bloody unroutable killing machines.

    Thats not zerks m8....thats just Jax :wink:

    Re: Congratulations Jax

    Proximo - 02.08.2006, 09:48

    well done jax, you are the good winner for vandalism 2, but dont get used to it, next time it will be me :twisted:

    LOL, can you upload the replays i want to see how you crushed your enemy in the final matches 8)

    Re: Congratulations Jax

    naiver - 02.08.2006, 09:50

    Congratulations Jax, well done 8)

    Re: Congratulations Jax

    Denali - 02.08.2006, 10:13

    Congrats jax! One more trophie at home. :winner:

    Re: Congratulations Jax

    }{Huscarls}{Barrett|L| - 02.08.2006, 10:14

    BAH! well done Jax...does this mean ull get ure silent tag at fucking last? :lol:
    Remember i still pwn u :twisted:

    Re: Congratulations Jax

    Jax - 02.08.2006, 10:34

    tnx all :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

    I never beat u barret, none of my tricks work against u :?

    i'll send u the replays but.. there not that impressive apart from the 1st which was just luck

    and tnx to VH for hosting a great tournament :D

    Re: Congratulations Jax

    Pietro - 02.08.2006, 14:43

    I beat Barrett once. Cause I'm so magical like that :wink:.

    :devil: :cheers: :sa: :winner: :easter: :sheep: :mrgreen: :zzz:

    Re: Congratulations Jax

    ][GERUDO][Mojoman - 02.08.2006, 15:30



    Re: Congratulations Jax

    HunterBlade - 02.08.2006, 18:44

    jax well done and dont listen to rag hes just trying to take your well deserved victory again well done...


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