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    Re: Wyrm-LS-Chat

    Martinus - 31.07.2006, 16:57

    EDIT: hab grad gesehen, Fballx hat schon eine Kopie im Gummibärenforum gepostet, aber ich fand's zu lustig: :P

    <Jormungand> hey guys
    <Fafnir> /
    <Vrtra> sup J
    <Tiamat> hi J
    <Jormungand> got aggro from Wabo the other night
    <Vrtra> O.o
    <Tiamat> i hate those fuckers
    <Jormungand> i survived...but i had to 2hr
    <Fafnir> Blood Weapon?
    <Jormungand> noob...thats a 5 min ability
    <Fafnir> oh
    <Jormungand> 2hr is "Crash POL"
    <Tiamat> yeah, kinda sucks you dont get xp
    <Jormungand> i know but i didnt lose any either
    <Tiamat> (True Stike)
    <Fafnir> when do you get that ability
    <Jormungand> lvl 95...if you would quit delvling in DA you would have it by now
    <Fafnir> stfu
    <Vrtra> lmao owned
    <Tiamat> hahahaha
    <Vrtra> omg guys
    <Jormungand> ??
    <Tiamat> sup
    <Ouryu> (huh!?)
    <Vrtra> i just got a /tell from Kirin. he wants to know if we wanna team up for an alliance battle
    <Tiamat> hahahaha.....NO!
    <Jormungand> they suck V
    <Vrtra> Kirins good, and so is B
    <Ouryu> yes but their PLD sucks ass..i think hes retarded
    <Ouryu> a good SMN and THF aint gonna help out much with no tank
    <Fafnir> Kirins LS are even bigger noobs than me
    <Ouryu> lmao
    <Tiamat> lol
    <Jormungand> besides...splitting drops would be shit
    <Vrtra> alright i tell him we are busy or something
    <Guivre> bonjour
    <Ouryu> frenchie!
    <Fafnir> G man
    <Tiamat> whats going on G
    <Guivre> same old thing
    <Vrtra> still faming Kuftal tunnel?
    <Guivre> yup
    <Jormungand> lol do you ever leave that place
    <Guivre> i will when i can afford my Galka Harness
    <Guivre> only need 1 more taru skull and its (mine)
    <Tiamat> i heard the drop rate on those suck
    <Guivre> it does
    <Ouryu> i still cant believe you are still farming for that. you been in that tunnel for months
    <Guivre> Gbb (Found it!)
    <Ouryu> kill!
    <Tiamat> kill it!!!
    <Vrtra> go go go
    <Guivre> fuck...no drop...again
    <Jormungand> hahahahaha
    <Guivre> i hate that fucking NM
    <Ouryu> did you guys see the update! big changes
    <Tiamat> like what?
    <Ouryu> we cant hold HNM anymore
    <Vrtra> ????
    <Jormungand> what do you mean
    <Ouryu> "A Certain HNMLS will increase in strength after being engaged for a certain period of time"
    <Tiamat> !!!!!!!!
    <Fafnir> what does that mean?
    <Ouryu> not sure....i think it means they will get stronger if we take to long to kill.
    <Jormungand> oh thats gonna suck
    <Vrtra> yeah...does it say what mob
    <Ouryu> Wabo
    <Tiamat> fuck...their a bitch already wtf
    <Jormungand> way to go SE
    <Vrtra> no shit...first they nerf "Flight" now this
    <Fafnir> nerf "Flight"?
    <Jormungand> lvl 90 ability..used to be able to fly as long as we wanted. eliminated melee dmg. only ranged attacks and magic could hit us.
    <Tiamat> you can thank that asshat Wyrm for that nerf
    <Vrtra> no shit which is why he never got in the LS
    <Fafnir> what did Wyrm do?
    <Tiamat> he flew for as long as he wanted..pretty much owned everything
    <Tiamat> now its got a fucking timer on it..varies by job
    <Jormungand> yeah...DRK is 60 sec Flight with 60 sec recast
    <Tiamat> war is 2 min
    <Vrtar> BST doesnt get it /cry
    <Jormungand> hahahah...V cant fly
    <Vrtra> hahahah...ive only died 3 times
    <Tiamat> owned
    <Ouryu> i wonder how long timer is before they go to super mode
    <Jormungand> update doesnt say?
    <Ouryu> nope
    <Tiamat> shit I think im about to find out
    <Tiamat> Wabo (Found it!)
    <Vrtra> ruh roh
    <Jormungand> lol good luck T
    <Tiamat> /sigh...here we go

    1hr 9mins later

    <Tiamat> ok...the update is bullshit
    <Vrtra> SHOCKED.gif
    <Jormungand> ?????
    <Tiamat> can i get an R3 in Attowa Chasm?
    <Ouryu> hahahah T got owned again
    <Tiamat> stfu
    <Jormungand> did you take any down with you?
    <Tiamat> nope
    <Vrtra> omg sucks
    <Tiamat> yeah it does...but you werent getting your ass beat in
    <Ouryu> hahahahaha
    <Jormungand> lmao
    <Fafnir> how long until they go super mode
    <Tiamat> 60 secs
    <Jormungand> !!!!!
    <Vrtra> SE fucked us big time
    <Tiamat> 60 secs is bullshit..im not kidding either
    <Tiamat> i ran over, hit their PLD once, the bitch parried it....then they went apeshit on me.
    <Tiamat> bitches stole my kote and cut off my horn too
    <Ouryu> lmao T got ganked
    <Tiamat> im logging, im too pissed to play. gonna go hang out with some friends.


    <Jormungand> sup guys
    <Tiamat> /
    <Vrtra> hiya
    <Fafnir> sup j
    <Jormungand> just chillin...killing some EP's
    <Fafnir> fuck..aggro
    <Vrtra> dude...why do insist on XP'ing in DA
    <Fafnir> i dunno...im retarded. i shoudl try to find a new xp spot
    <Vrtra> duh
    <Tiamat> shit...dead again
    <Vrtra> T..you are as retarded as Faffy
    <Ouryu> Lmao
    <Jormungand> hahahahahaha
    <Fafnir> any one seen Nid lately
    <Ouryu> yeah...he went out of town with his g/f..said he be back in 3-8 days.
    <Fafnir> cool
    <Jormungand> omfg....some EP PLD just aggro'd me lolololol
    <Vrtra> lol
    <Jormungand> now its running away...wtf is this all about
    <Fafnir> maybe its a glitch.
    <Jormungand> omg...it just linked with 20 more
    <Ouryu> wtf
    <Vrtra> (huh!?)
    <Tiamat> as long as there are no SMN's and BLM's your fine
    <Jormungand> ummm..theres like 15 of those
    <Tiamat> hahahaha
    <Vrtra> im bored...ill come help you..what type of mobs are they
    <Jormungand> Wabo
    <Vrtra> fuck that...your on your own big boy
    <Ouryu> hahahahah...Jorm about to get ass raped
    <Jormungand> fuck you guys..this sucks
    <Tiamat> lmao


    <Guivre> come on pop dam u
    <Ouryu> still camping Gbb
    <Guivre> yes I want that harness
    <Jormungand> what is pop timer on it anyway
    <Guivre> 2hr pop on NQ, Gbb is random HQ of NQ pop
    <Jormungand> that kinda blows
    <Guivre> yeah but I gotta stick with it
    <Ouryu> good luck
    <Vrtra> hey guys
    <Jormungand> hey V
    <Ouryu> sup
    <Guivre> /
    <Tiamat> hi V
    <Guivre> POP!
    <Guivre> fuck…NQ Mklove (Found it!)
    <Jormungand> that sucks
    <Tiamat> lol
    <Guivre> meh
    <Vrtra> you guys know KB?
    <Jormungand> yeah, hes cool
    <Tiamat> KB is a good guy
    <Ouryu> never really met him
    <Tiamat> maybe if you left Monarch Linn you might have
    <Jormungand> lmao
    <Ouryu> ok Mr. “I die within an 3 hrs of HP’ing
    <Jormungand> (Burn)
    <Tiamat> stfu
    <Ouryu> lmao
    <Tiamat> could be worse…..i could be faffy
    <Fafnir> hey! Wtf did I do
    <Ouryu> hahahahahaha
    <Jormungand> lol
    <Vrtra> anyway…KB wants to join
    <Jormungand> really..thought he was gonna be in Kirin’s LS
    <Tiamat> yeah I heard that too
    <Vrtra> I talked to him about that
    <Vrtra> said he was asked to jojn, but he has been avoiding accepting
    <Jormungand> really?
    <Vrtra> he says that other than Kirin and B-man…they kinda suck
    <Ouryu> lmao
    <Tiamat> no shit…I could have told you that
    <Fafnir> fuck agro
    <Ouryu> theres a shocker
    <Fafnir> stfu
    <Jormungand> 20k says Faffy gets owned in 30 mins
    <Ouryu> lol
    <Jormungand> rofl
    <Vrtra> well…should we let KB in
    <Ouryu> but hes not a Wyrm
    <Jormungand> yeah
    <Vrtra> (True Strike) but he can give us a little more power
    <Ouryu> yeah
    <Tiamat> I don’t have a problem, hes always been cool to me
    <Jormungand> let him in
    <Vrtra> k
    <Jormungand> dead yet faf?
    <Fafnir> stfu
    <Fafnir> OMFG!!!!!!
    <Jormungand> ?
    <Tiamat> what happened
    <Fafnir> Chain #12 in 1 Flail!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <Ouryu> nice
    <Jormungand> (Congratulations!)
    <Tiamat> gg
    <Fafnir> I might lvl guys
    <Jormungand> (lie)s
    <Tiamat> never happen
    <Ouryu> lol
    <Fafnir> seriously, my timer for Power Boost is at 10 mins, and im just raping these things
    <Vrtra> guys….welcome KB to the LS
    <King Behemoth> (Hello!)
    <Ouryu> hey KB
    <Tiamat> welcome KB
    <Jormungand> hey man..welcome to the LS
    <Fafnir> hi KB
    <King Behemoth> thx
    <Fafnir> ding ding ding!!!!
    <Jormungand> no fkin way
    <Tiamat> hahahaha
    <Fafnir> /sea all Fafnir bitches..lvl 91 go go go
    <Vrtra> (Congratulations!)
    <Ouryu> nice faffy
    <Jormungand> nice
    <Fafnir> Power Boost!!!! This is so (Sweets) 200+ xp a kill
    <Tiamat> nice
    <Jormungand> any good kills lately KB?
    <King Behemoth> yeah..got a few last week, lots of xp and loot…til Wabo got me
    <Tiamat> ugh…you have to deal with that HNM too
    <King Behemoth> yup…they fucking suck
    <Jormungand> yeah they do
    <Vrtra> they cant be that bad
    <Tiamat> they are
    <Jormungand> yup
    <Tiamat> your day will come V
    <Vrtra> hahahah…yeah right
    <Jormungand> you’ll see
    <Fafnir> fuck…xan I get an R3
    <Jormungand> hahahahahaha
    <Tiamat> what happened Faffy?
    <Fafnir> boost wore
    <Jormungand> (I’m sorry)
    <Fafnir> afk for awhile
    <King Behemoth> shit agro
    <Ouryu> uh oh
    <King Behemoth> fucklign wabo again
    <Jormungand> no shit hahahahaha
    <Tiamat> (/goodbye) KB lol
    <Vrtra> need some help
    <King Behemoth> nah..i got this shit.
    <Jormungand> good luck
    <Ouryu> get em KB
    <King Behemoth> shit..dead
    <Tiamat> no way
    <Jormungand> that fast?!?!?!
    <King Behemoth> total BS HNM man
    <King Behemoth> all they did was run away from me with 2 squirrels biting me in the ass
    <King Behemoth> I couldn’t do shit
    <Vrtra> that sucks
    <Jormungand> SE really needs to change that
    <Tiamat> I already sent in a complaint
    <Ouryu> hahahah..which SE will promptly ignore
    <Tiamat> no kidding
    <Vrtra> we gotta find a way to beat them…..then we would own
    <Ouryu> I read that if you kill the leader, the rest depop
    <Jormungand> nope
    <Tiamat> rumor
    <Jormungand> I killed the leader 10 times last time I got agro…they still kept coming
    <Ouryu> oh
    <Tiamat> Wabo is a 3-5 day pop right?
    <Jormungand> yeah
    <Vrtra> yup
    <Ouryu> yes
    <Tiamat> then we got a problem
    <Jormungand> ???
    <Tiamat> Wabo (Found it!)
    <Vrtra> youre shitting me
    <King Behemoth> no way..they were just here
    <Tiamat> im not fucking around either
    <Ouryu> this is crazy
    <Tiamat> shit…dead again….those fuckers!!!!!!
    <Jormungand> its not even funny anymore
    <Vrtra> calm down guys
    <Tiamat> you calm down…I cant wait for the day they pop in KRT
    <Jormungand> someone call a GM
    <Ouryu> why..not like they can do shit anyway
    <Jormungand> seriously…something is wrong with the game
    <Vrtra> (Huh?!?)
    <Jormungand> Wabo (Found it!)
    <King Behemoth> WTF
    <Ouryu> don’t bullshit dude
    <Jormungand> I wish I was
    <Vrtra> that’s 3 pops in 3 zones in 1 day
    <Jormungand> the server has gotta be fucked up
    <Tiamat> agreed
    <Jormungand> well…here goes nothing
    <Tiamat> avenge me and KB Jorm!!!!!
    <King Behemoth> yeah lol
    <Ouryu> go go go
    <Vrtra> you got em…they gotta be weakened somewhat
    <Tiamat> so much for avenging my death lol
    <Ouryu> Jorm (Too Weak)
    <Vrtra> lol
    <King Behemoth> hahahaha
    <Jormungand> stfu
    <King Behemoth> night all…thx for letting me in the LS
    <Vrtra> night KB…cya tomorrow
    <Jormungand> night KB
    <Ouryu> nn
    <Tiamat> cya


    <Vrtra> morning all
    <Jormungand> sup
    <Tiamat> (Hello)(leader)
    <Ouryu> sup V
    <Nidhogg> hi^^
    <Vrtra> amagad….Nid back from vacation?!?!
    <Nidhogg> no but yes
    <Jormungand> lol
    <Vrtra> how was it
    <Nidhogg> cool relaxing, good to be back
    <Vrtra> good to have you back
    <King Behemoth> yeah…so im riding her good and her fucking mom walks in
    <Jormungand> wtf
    <Tiamat> lmao
    <Ouryu> LOLOLOLOL
    <King Behemoth> FUCK MT!!!!
    <Vrtra> OMG..someone get a SS of that
    <Jormungand> already done rofl
    <Nidhogg> website go go
    <King Behemoth> you guys are fuckers lol
    <Tiamat> hehehe
    <Vrtra> I think I know what pick is going on the LS news lol
    <Jormungand> haha
    <Nidhogg> how did faffy do while I was gone? Still a tard?
    <Tiamat> lmao
    <Vrtra> yeah….still the same
    <Nidhogg> hahaha
    <Ouryu> told me his mom was taking him shopping today so he wont be on
    <Jormungand> lmao
    <Tiamat> isn’t he like 22?
    <Vrtra> yes lol
    <King Behemoth> that explains a lot about him haha
    <Nidhogg> hes a good guy…bit of a noob, but still a good guy
    <Vrtra> we know….thats why hes in the LS
    <Jormungand> yeah
    <King Behemoth> shit…agro
    <Ouryu> hahaha
    <Jormungand> how many?
    <King Behemoth> 18..the usual
    <Vrtra> need help? I’m bored
    <King Behemoth> nah…im good
    <Jormungand> famous last words
    <Tiamat> lmao
    <King Behemoth> wtf
    <Jormungand> (Huh!?)
    <Ouryu> sup
    <King Behemoth> this is the oddest thing I have ever seen
    <King Behemoth> im chasing these 18 mobs all over
    <King Behemoth> then they just stop attacking while I beat on them
    <Vrtra> and this is a problem why? Lol
    <Jormungand> lol
    <Ouryu> yeah…wheres the problem
    <King Behemoth> then some other group of 18 mobs starts beating on me
    <King Behemoth> and the first group of 18 is just standing there doing nothing
    <Jormungand> wow
    <King Behemoth> AMAGAD!
    <Vrtra> now what
    <Nidhogg> ?
    <King Behemoth> the 2nd group just stopped…and some 3rd group is now hitting me
    <Vrtra> lmao
    <Tiamat> wtf did you do
    <King Behemoth> I DON’T KNOW!!!!
    <Jormungand> lol
    <Ouryu> hahahaha
    <King Behemoth> FUCK
    <Vrtra> ?
    <Nidhogg> whats going on now?
    <King Behemoth> all of them are beating on me now!!!!
    <Vrtra> sounds like GM time to me
    <King Behemoth> already called
    <Jormungand> they wont do anything
    <Tiamat> yeah…GM=useless
    <King Behemoth> I know..but its worth a shot
    <Nidhogg> no…its really not lmao
    <King Behemoth> now they are all despawning???
    <Vrtra> omg..KB jacked up the game
    <Jormungand> maybe its your windower
    <King Behemoth> GM is here
    <Vrtra> good luck with that
    <Nidhogg> what they say
    <King Behemoth> this is BS
    <Jormungand> hahaha…saw that coming
    <King Behemoth> [GM]Jailer of Love>> the mobs appear to be acting normal. We will investigate the matter.
    <Ouryu> hahahah….did you expect anything else?
    <Jormungand> lol
    <King Behemoth> shit..dead
    <Vrtra> sorry KB
    <Tiamat> awwww
    <King Behemoth> no worries….im tired, gonna log
    <Ouryu> cya KB
    <Tiamat> nn
    <Jormungand> later man
    <Vrtra> /
    <Nidhogg> god dammit…agro
    <Vrtra> oh boy
    <Nidhogg> dam Wabo
    <Jormungand> lol… (/goodbye) Nidhogg
    <Tiamat> (death)(You can have this)
    <Nidhogg> lol
    <Ouryu> looks like you picked the worng day to come back
    <Nidhogg> really
    <Vrtra> nah…Wabo not that bad
    <Jormungand> some of us don’t have an alliance of undead jackass
    <Ouryu> hahaha
    <Tiamat> (True Strike)
    <Vrtra> ….
    <Nidhogg> time for bed
    <Tiamat> awww…you die Nid
    <Nidhogg> yup yup
    <Jormungand> that sucks
    <Nidhogg> meh…I got a good buffer
    <Vrtra> cya
    <Tiamat> nn
    <Jormungand> later nid
    <Ying> hello
    <Yang> hello
    <Vrtra> OMFG…the Y’s
    <Tiamat> hey guys
    <Jormungand> it’s the assfuck twins
    <Ouryu> sup fellas
    <Ying> doin well..just xping
    <Yang> doin well..just xping
    <Vrtra> still static with DL?
    <Ying> yup
    <Yang> yup
    <Jormungand> DL…that dude is bad ass
    <Tiamat> yeah…we should get him in the LS
    <Ouryu> already tried
    <Vrtra> DL taking a break for awhile from endgame
    <Jormungand> man that’s sucks….he friggin rocks
    <Tiamat> no shit..got like 10 billion in gear
    <Fafnir> hey guys
    <Vrtra> /
    <Tiamat> faffy
    <Ouryu> sup
    <Jormungand> how was shopping with mommy? Lol
    <Fafnir> stfu
    <Ouryu> lmao
    <Tiamat> lol
    <Vrtra> you missed Nid faffy
    <Fafnir> really
    <Ouryu> yeah…hes back from vacation and logged on for a bit
    <Fafnir> awwww
    <Fafnir> I always miss him…we never seem to be on at the same time
    <Vrtra> I know…kinda odd
    <Ouryu> hehehe
    <Fafnir> buttfuckers….thats my line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    <Jourmugand> So why are we in Castle O killing Yaguados again?
    <Fafnir> I deleveled too much to wear my gear, I need AF back ; ;
    <Tiamat> Cause Faf is a idiot
    <Vrtra> What Tiamat said
    <Fafnir> Stfu
    <Vrtra? Oh no shit?
    <Jourmangand> Can this camp share 2 PTs?
    Vrtra: Guys we were here first, please leave
    Seriyu: Genbu needs his AF again....he accidently tossed it
    Genbu: durrrr....
    Tiamat: Yo, seriously, back up, there isn't room, we can't help it that you're retarded PLD threw out his AF
    Tiamat: Yes, I'm sure you're very special, waterhead
    Kirin: Harassment....
    Minutes later....
    [GM]Lumiuous: Hello! Lumious at your service, I have recieved GM calls about harassment?
    Tiamat: Yea, this head case is trying to steal our Coffer mobs
    [GM]Lumiuous: Sir, this is everyones area, they can use it
    Kirin: Told you
    Tiamat: STFU, you pussy, you call a GM on me cause I make fun of your inbred PLD?
    Vrtra: HAHAHAHAH
    Ouryu: LOLZ @ YOU FAGZ
    Fafnir: hah!
    <Jourmugand> Hey, where did Tiamat go?
    <Fafnir> DC?
    <Vrtra> Oh shit guys...he just called me on the phone....He got sent to Mordion and got a 3 day ban =/
    <Fafnir> Just as well, he just died earlier today, he needs a break
    <Jourmugand> But we need tia! ; ;
    <Vrtra> We can give him Nid's Account info while he's still out on vacation


    <Tiamat> So why do we have to do these stupid level cap misisons?
    <Vrtra> We have to get Sea Access so we can stop AV from popping us and killing us again
    <Kirin> Yea, it will be easier with our 2 LSes put together
    <Vrtra> Well me, Suzaku, Seriyu, Byakko, Nid and KB are up to Ultima.
    <Tiamat> Our Static is almost there, Me, Jourm, Faf, Ouryu Kirin, and that new guy Aspidochelone are about to do Snoll Tzar.
    <Aspidochelone> You guys are pros really, my last static couldn't do these misisons for shit
    <Jourmungund> I'm so nervous about this fight...
    <Kirin> Well we're all here except Ouryu
    <Tiamat> Good, all he ever does is run in and mess everything up, any PLD is better than him.
    <Suzaku> I wouldn't say any PLD
    <Tiamat> What do you mean?
    <Genbu> HI GUYS!!
    <Seriyu> Speak of the devil...
    <Tiamat> /sigh, Genbu, what PM are you on?
    <Genbu> ER...The one where...its cold! and theres a bomb!
    <Tiamat> Come on to Bearclaw Pinacle then...
    (Tiamat) I hate these capped missons
    (Aspidochelone) lol
    (Kirin) Heh, yea
    (Fafnir) Yea, if it wasn't uncapped, Dragon Breath, Hurricane Wing, Spike Flail FTW!
    (Jourmungand) Can we go over strat again?
    (Tiamat) Easy, we go in, Genbu 2hrs, Kirin AFs and we just go crazy
    (Aspidochelone) Ready!
    (Fafnir) Lets go in
    (Tiamat) Ok Buff up
    (Genbu) OK BUFFS!
    Genbu uses Invincible!
    (Tiamat) . . .
    (Jourmungand) omg
    (Fafnir) . . .
    (Aspidochelone) Oh my god
    (Kirin) Why did I ever let him in?
    (Jourmungand) So are we done?
    (Tiamat) No, we came this far, lets try
    (Genbu) I GOT IT
    (Tiamat) Kirin! Astral Flow!
    (Kirin) I'm on it...
    (Genbu) I HAVE TO KITE IT
    (Tiamat) GENBU USE SALT
    (Tiamat) ....
    (Kirin) NO GET IT AWAY!
    The Snoll Tzar uses Himeal Storm.
    Genbu was defeated by the Snoll Tzar.
    Kirin was defeated by the Snoll Tzar.
    Jourmungand was defeated by the Snoll Tzar.
    (Genbu) We almost won guyz!
    (Tiamat) Its at 96%!!
    (Fafnir) Shit, I can't use my salt its on me!
    Fafnir was defeated by the Snoll Tzar.
    (Aspidochelone) Oh man, oh man
    The Snoll Tzar readies Hypothermal Combustion.
    (Aspidochelone) Oh man ><
    (Tiamat) Thanks a lot Genbu, you fucking noob.
    (Kirin) Tia, why did you even invite him
    (Tiamat) My bad
    (Fafnir) You won't have a pearl tomorrow
    (Aspidcholeone) I hate CoP
    (Jourmungand) Me too
    (Tiamat) But we have to Stop AV....

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