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    Re: About New Update!!!

    Cassim Schattenklinge - 27.07.2006, 12:07

    About New Update!!!
    New Outfits
    For Palas

    For Knights

    For Druids

    For Sorcerers

    A new class???
    All of the 4 basic outfits have been revamped - just take a look at the gallant new knight and the nimble hunter! What's more, 11 Premium outfits will be available, 8 of them are completely new, so Premium players will now be able to choose from a total of 15 unique outfits! However, not all of these new outfits will be available immediately. While you can choose to look like a ... barbarian, a ... wizard or a ... druid right away, you will have to solve challenging quests before you will be allowed to dress up like a grim assassin or a fierce pirate. Further outfits are hidden somewhere, so make sure to ask any people you meet about their outfit!

    New Monsters

    Other News

    This Update will be great!!!

    copyed it from all fansites of tibia

    Re: About New Update!!!

    Nofuron - 27.07.2006, 19:15

    nice outfits
    skullheads for sorcs^^
    update will be great if it comes :/

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