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    Re: Xidus - THE warlock

    xidus - 28.07.2006, 21:25

    Xidus - THE warlock
    Hello !

    i am Xidus .... THE not so great lord (as in male gender) of the underworld
    im 21 years of age im located in sweden (gothenburg)

    im in the guild known as the Ancients of Azeroth

    i have two 60 chars at the moment .... the famous and Ancient paladin and protector of the known world the mighty DIDUR ..... witch is now an alt ... and the mighty warlock Xidus the enslaver of puny deamons and so on

    ive done Zul Gurub and cleard it all ..... with some small help ofcourse ;)

    i have also used goblin rockethelm since my warlock could use it ... and before that diving helmet .... at the part were i got my felheart horns i diddent remember my caracters face :P witch was a chock :P
    i am also a ultra mega super Trinket collector .... guess that is were my dkp will go :P dont worry i already have the hakkar one ;)

    my gf also plays wow you might know her as Ymina or Animy !

    ask me if you whant more info !
    thats about it ;)

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