Is the Texas a new sex symbol ?

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    Re: Is the Texas a new sex symbol ?

    hunterhh - 31.07.2006, 16:56

    Is the Texas a new sex symbol ?
    Or why am i followed down there by four ships??

    Please look at the Radar, i was traveling NE to get to the red spots. You can see the arrow with the name FGS Texas down left. And i know its a scrap Screeny, but they all drove in my direction.

    --- edit ---
    I mean the line at the southern border, all following my small PCL. Man i have such fun in this - its the only ship now that makes some fun for me in game.

    Re: Is the Texas a new sex symbol ?

    godprotector - 02.08.2006, 14:19

    looks like a smiley face to me>>> :)

    Re: Is the Texas a new sex symbol ?

    HeroEnVec - 04.08.2006, 00:31

    my screen shot on the CC forum of the bb battle was cooler. :P

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