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    Re: COH

    thechariot - 31.07.2006, 09:25

    who here has played or has company of heros BETA right now?

    i do and it is bad @$$, best rts so far minus the beta bugs

    Re: COH

    dube - 31.07.2006, 13:56

    Nope never heard of it, any more info available chariot?

    Re: COH

    Bemme - 31.07.2006, 15:12

    heared of it, but never seen some good vids...
    may post the link to the official website?

    Re: COH

    thechariot - 31.07.2006, 17:07

    thats the website, but you have to be a member of file plant to download the beta.

    i wasnt so i just paied 4 bucks and got 1 month of membership to d/l it.

    its more strategy then building homes/barrack/etc.

    Re: COH

    Bemme - 31.07.2006, 20:07

    meh, i dont like ww2 games where the americans are the mega uber hero soldiers and the germans showen as garbage, it looks like an "americanized" game...

    Re: COH

    awizard - 01.08.2006, 04:37

    it doesnt look that good

    Re: COH

    thechariot - 01.08.2006, 14:03

    i love it, btw the germans are uber compared to the us. uber tiger tanks. but i still like to use usa infantry and paratroopers.

    Re: COH

    sacrilicious - 14.08.2006, 18:46

    Yeah I've been playing the beta quite a bit and I agree seems like a great game.

    I wish they would get rid of the snipers though, they are so overpowered!

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