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Re: Never Never Love vid

ColdBlue - 30.07.2006, 03:46
Never Never Love vid
hi guys and gals...I am new to the site!My name is Tom and I am from Tucson,Az USA.I am looking for the video for Never Never Love.Does anyone know of a site that has it?or could someone send it to me?thanks!

Re: Never Never Love vid

linmark - 30.07.2006, 06:29

Hi Tom !
Welcome, glad you found us here....

That one's has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine, I love the song and I totally love the way Mick looks, sings, walks, gestures......all of it.

Stop at any Best Buy or Circuit City and pickup
Simply Red's Video's DVD, it is around $17 and sometimes
you can find it for $13.....if they are sold out....then....

you can buy it on or Barnes &, and you can get it in about 3-4 days in the mail and look at the other DVD's for sale, they have a few new ones that you need to check out (and buy) especially the Sicily concert and the Cuba concert, and Starry Night, take a look at all. also has it, but the US Dollar is only worth .53 versus the British Pound Sterling - so for every dollar, double the cost....
and the shipping charges with also increase (double) the price.
but their service is excellent.

Are you the same Tom who used to chat with us in chatroom ?

Again, welcome here,

Lin + Mark
:oops: :)

Re: Never Never Love vid

ColdBlue - 30.07.2006, 06:31

why yes I am!!!I thought your name seemed familiar!!!how is ya??

Re: Never Never Love vid

linmark - 30.07.2006, 06:36

fantastic to see you !!

we used to have chatroom on here but nobody ever used it so in order to save money, it was deleted.

our wonderful friend Michi from Germany began this site after the Simply site crashed from a hacker.....

it is slowly being restored, and if you look into it, they just added the musicians and the song samplings, but most of the other forums are still being built into their website.

Hey, nice to see you, betcha you are surprised that I remembered you !

Take care, and browse around, there are some great photos of the current concerts in here, they are doing approx 50 + concerts until September when they winde up in Portugal.

See ya later,
Lin xx

Re: Never Never Love vid

knokkak - 30.07.2006, 20:49

Welcome Tom...glad you found us!

Re: Never Never Love vid

sasred - 31.07.2006, 01:20

Welcome Tom! Glad another Yank found us. You wouldn't be the chap from Kansas City that was at the Leeds Castle gig???

In answer to your question, yes, that video is on the 'Simply Red Greatest Video Hits' DVD...if you want one to watch in the meantime, do a search on --there's a couple of SR vids floating around on there, not sure if NNL is one of them.

Happy hunting! Again, glad to have you on board. Have fun and feel free to ask whatever whenever! :D

Re: Never Never Love vid

ColdBlue - 31.07.2006, 02:32

no..sorry that wasn't me.I am from sunny and hot Tucson,Arizona.

Re: Never Never Love vid

sasred - 31.07.2006, 03:13

ColdBlue wrote: no..sorry that wasn't me.I am from sunny and hot Tucson,Arizona.

Heh...yeah. Helps to read the avatar profile. :oops: Hot indeed! This whole summer has been a scorcher for everyone...

Pardon my scatterbrained-ness. Currently sifting through 2 GB worth of trip pictures and videos; the natives on the boards are getting restless. :devil One gig down, 4 to go.

Re: Never Never Love vid

ColdBlue - 31.07.2006, 03:29

hope you are having a good time!:)

Re: Never Never Love vid

sasred - 31.07.2006, 20:13

ColdBlue wrote: hope you are having a good time!:)

*laughs* It's done, thankfully. Check the 'Picture Book' forum for links. Download all ya want. :D

Re: Never Never Love vid

MARTHA JEAN - 04.08.2006, 00:11

Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken
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