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    Re: The Men of Charmed \o

    Piper-Combs - July, 18, 2006, 18:20

    The Men of Charmed \o
    Ok, here we can talk about whatever we want about 'em ...
    In my opinion, the best of all of them is Leo.
    I mean, Cole is the 2nd, but Leo, OmG, he's so damn handsome, a wonderful husband, a great dad, and well, after all the problem between he and Piper he 'till love her, and well i think it pretty amazing.
    About Cole his love for Phoebe is soo damn beautiful, he the bad guy, and it is very attractive, but its the kind of guy thats not for a all life, and that what happened with him and Phoebe.
    Dan, omg, he's so perfect!! I mean he's so hot, so sweet, so nice, and well, for me its perfect, the girl who get this guy have a really big lucky!
    Big Chris, O.O well its Drew Fuller! cant be better! But well he's son of Piper and Leo, with those parents who is not perfect??
    Aw, and about Big Wyatt, I loveeeeeee him!! I dont like him with the barb, but with big or cut hair he's is so damn perfect!! And he was so damn charming on Forever Charmed!!
    Aw, the lils ones, Chris and Wyatt, are the cutest children i ever saw!! Soooo sweet and cute, I love see the babys doing magic, soo cute *.*

    And you guys what do you think ^^ ?

    Re: The Men of Charmed \o

    hollycombsfan1 - July, 20, 2006, 05:25

    i completely agree! leo is the best
    execpt i like big chris more then Cole i mean i love cole dont get me wrong but chris was just so great and was such a good son and brother i dont think it gets better then that.

    Re: The Men of Charmed \o

    Piper-Combs - July, 20, 2006, 18:37

    You're right
    Chris was absolutely great!
    And well
    We didn't saw a lot about Big Wyatt but i think that he's a awesome guy!

    Re: The Men of Charmed \o

    hollycombsfan1 - July, 23, 2006, 09:25

    Yeah Big Wyatt was good too.

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