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    Re: The Charmed Ones

    Piper-Combs - July, 18, 2006, 18:05

    The Charmed Ones
    Well I though that would be good we have a topic where we can talk about the Charmed Ones, who is the one that you like the most, the children, the mans in hers lifes and something like this ^^

    Re: The Charmed Ones

    hollycombsfan1 - July, 20, 2006, 05:29

    I love Piper. Her kids Chris and Wyatt are ADORABLE. Leo is such a great husband and after everything the elders put the through they deserve to be together and have a happy family with Wyatt and Chris and their little girl (seen in Forever Charmed).

    Re: The Charmed Ones

    Piper-Combs - July, 20, 2006, 18:28

    My favorite Charmed one is 100% Piper
    I mean
    She's so awesome in everything
    She always battle for her family, the way she miss Prue, her love for her sisters, her way to be moms for Chris and Wyatt, her love for Leo, her attitude, her beauty, and well were 8 years !
    I dunno
    I just love her more then any of the another Charmed ones
    I second Charmed one would be probably Phoebe, cuz she's so funny, and always looking for guys, trying to find true love, her adventures, the powers, everything, and cuz she's in the show in the beginning 'till the end as Piper.
    I really dunno if I like the most Prue or Paige, i mean, Prue always been in the show, and her position as big sister is so cute, and I really love her, but Paige have more time in Charmed and its the Lil sister, I dunno ><

    Re: The Charmed Ones

    hollycombsfan1 - July, 24, 2006, 05:49

    Piper is perfect. She's the best mom and wife and sister.
    And she's great with strangers like in forget me not or dragons heat when she helped that man get his baby to stop crying.
    I can't choose between Prue or Paige either i mean they are alike in many ways so i can't choose which one i like best.
    I love them all.

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