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    Re: Ana's Daily Phoebe

    Piper-Combs - July, 20, 2006, 21:30

    Ana's Daily Phoebe
    I saw that we not have a daily Phoebe yet
    so here it is

    Today's ^^
    I soo loved that epi
    Pheebs was awesome!!

    Re: Ana's Daily Phoebe

    hollycombsfan1 - July, 21, 2006, 08:20

    Great pic i loved her in that episode she was so beautiful.

    Re: Ana's Daily Phoebe

    charmingnickjr - July, 21, 2006, 16:23

    yeah she look's really beutiful with the mermaid costume!!

    Re: Ana's Daily Phoebe

    Piper-Combs - July, 21, 2006, 16:49

    Here is today one

    Soo funny this part
    Just loved it


    Phoebe is in her kick-boxing gear sparring against an electronic dummy that
    grunts and groans with every punch.)

    (Prue and Piper enter the room.)

    PRUE: Phoebe?

    (Phoebe turns around, sees them and stops.)

    PHOEBE: Oh. Huh. Hi! Hi. I, uh ... was just, uh ...

    PIPER: Opening up a can of whoop ass.

    PRUE: Yeah, those are some serious moves. Where did you learn that?

    PHOEBE: Okay. I'm busted. I confess. I got tired of being the one in the
    family with the passive powers, so I started taking self-defense classes, which
    I've been putting on my new credit card.

    PIPER: And, uh, this thing?

    (Piper points to the electronic dummy.)

    PHOEBE: Oh, it's, uh ... slam man. I got him off an infomercial.

    PRUE: Great. Another eyesore.

    PHOEBE: It's a total and complete martial arts training system. And with their
    easy installment payment plan --

    PIPER: Which you also put on your new credit card?

    PHOEBE: He'll pay for himself the first time I kick ass on some unsuspecting
    gnarly beast. Come on. Wanna see some moves?

    (She poses playfully.)

    Re: Ana's Daily Phoebe

    hollycombsfan1 - July, 23, 2006, 05:10

    great picture i love that part i think its funny when they have prue captured.

    Re: Ana's Daily Phoebe

    Piper-Combs - July, 24, 2006, 18:36

    So sorry for the late! I was sick
    Here is 3, one for the day and today's one

    Lovee that episode
    so sad but so good for Phoebe!

    I LOOVE that episode
    one of the bests of the 4th season for me
    Phoebe was so funny on it!

    Just at her face

    Re: Ana's Daily Phoebe

    hollycombsfan1 - July, 24, 2006, 23:58

    great pictures.
    i love all those episodes.

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