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    Re: Rules

    []GM[]thekilla - 05.07.2006, 21:05

    The servers rules:

    §1 account: Per person only one account may be provided.

    §2 character name: Prohibitions are vulgäre, *ZENSIERT*, *ZENSIERT* or racistic names.

    §3 Noob protection: All players to level 10 enjoy Noob protection, i.e. they may not be attacked by players. Who does not adhere to it, one gekickt.

    §4 conversational language: No offenses, no racistic, *ZENSIERT*, *ZENSIERT* or vulgäre expressions.

    §5 Fairness: The laboriously fought for booty or XP does not klaut points to a player.

    §6 behavior opposite other players: if a player killed you, then leave it thereby and do not attack it not once again. Except one is in the PVP arena and PVP activated.

    §7 behavior opposite GMs and ADMIN: Begging with GMs after Teleportieren, money, Items and GM/VIP rights is forbidden. The user is not right to the re-establishment a lost character If GM with a character an on-line is before the NOT [] GM [] or [] ADMIN [] does not stand is permitted support inquiries! GMs are also only humans. Accepts please, since we get about 10 error messages of any Gamern in one minute.

    §8 cautions, blockage and spell: For EACH disregard of the rules one receives a caution To be counted after 3 cautions will the account for one week closed, during further disregard is on banishing from the server to

    §9 helping players: May not be helped to other players in principle by level UP, money, Items or Teleport The exception is gotten with VIPs those may according to desire be teleportiert and at the beginning as starting assets 5000 gold. Otherwise money rule applies also with VIPs level-UP, Item provides and! If a player asks for the Teleporting, Items, gold or level UP, this immediately to a Admin announce. This will then punish the player.

    Admin emmefel



    Read you please the attentive DO NOT UNWISSEN PROTECTS!

    Re: Rules

    []ADMIN[]Emmefel - 10.07.2006, 22:41

    The Account signup link is .

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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