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    Re: Nelson Help!

    dube - 10.07.2006, 15:03

    Nelson Help!
    Does anybody have any good hints and tactics on how to use the Nelson effectively, i got mine last night and it has the following setup

    3 x RP12L (lvl76 gunners)
    BB Engine heavy
    No AA!
    9" deck
    5 bulk

    My support crew are bringing my SD to slightly below 400

    I tried the sail into the middle, stop, fire then backaway method without much success! Is this right or is there a better way i should be employing?

    Re: Nelson Help!

    Bemme - 10.07.2006, 16:28

    that parking tactic is only for 900+ SD nellys but i dont use this tactic, cuz every1 know it and its easy to avoid.

    I normaly play Sneak in/out and stay on range or out of thems and be patient, let them come to you and use your dmg(slow rld) wise, then you can get, from 50+ to 120k nearly every game. Current problem is, there are way to much KMs around... BSMs are rock your ass very easily with that amount of SD. You need better Supports on that.

    Re: Nelson Help!

    godprotector - 10.07.2006, 18:13

    dube park in and out tatic work quite well for me...ONLI in BB1/2 games bb3? forget it...XD try not to use tt tatic against km... cus u park in and out u may go into range of other BBs... so do it on us/rn/ijn 1st no other choice den KM... :tot: :tot:

    Re: Nelson Help!

    adsl - 11.07.2006, 00:12

    Dont chase ships! Thats the important think to know, only if its the last ship in game, and only if your SD is fully restored!

    And only go with your frontside to the ships if you have no choice or if they range you!
    You have less range if you go frontside by driving normal or overheat to the enemy (about 1-2cm).

    Turn your ship often, and make your shoots from your broadside.

    Be aware of the armor bug, in some game it seems to be that you can take hits without end, in other games you get 2-3 hits from 6 shells and you are gone.... look to your SD bar how many damage the enemy AP ( 15 or 16" is doing) and than decide which playstyle is the best.

    On this days with many KM, NC Iowa Guns and so many Nelson its hard to make good exp every game, but normally you are able to do every 3-4 game about 120k dmg. But it depends on the scouting abilitys of your team and the enemy....poor own are nailed.....good scouts... you can be the hero of the match....if you play whisely

    Re: Nelson Help!

    ins4n3 - 15.07.2006, 12:07

    never do a 1 man show, south or north. go where the scouts go and ull win.

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