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    Re: PvP days / events

    Aenarion - 07.07.2006, 14:50

    PvP days / events
    Hi Gm8, i just startet pvp a bit more serius, and i wonder why we dont have any pvp days??? i actualy found out that we have 46 players from our guild on the top 2000 for allianceses on stormreaver, and stormreaver is actualy a big sever! :) then we are most a pve, but it coud be fun if something came out of the idear, (maby alliance coud start win WSG insted of loosing) :D

    Re: PvP days / events

    Gillia - 10.07.2006, 15:49

    I've done a lot of PvP now. Was initially going for rank 12, marshal, but stopped at 45% into rank 11, Commander, since it took way too much of my time. From Commander and forth, you have to make around 300k honor pr week, if you want to rank up, which means, that if you're not in a marshals or EL raid, you gotta play the whole damned week :S

    During my ranking from 9-11, I found out, that the PvP "community" works very different from guilds. You raids with people you know and have met on BGs or when you were hanging in Military Ward at IF. The raids I was in, was all very mixed. So my suggestion to you is to try to make some friends at the BGs or get to know some rank 9-10 people.

    Also, Forgiven and I have started the chat channel Battlegroundraids, which you are welcome to join. It's not very active atm, but sometimes people use it to find wsg/ab raids.

    If you make a raid at some time, give me a whisper, I'm always up for killing some evil-do'ers =D

    Re: PvP days / events

    Jimfinn - 12.07.2006, 15:40

    I also started playing PvP, but I made the same conclusions as You guys :shock: so if you make PvP groups whisper!
    I am allways in for doing some :twisted: :twisted: to my fellows (hordes)

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