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    Re: MC guide

    Rostdahl - 05.07.2006, 15:13

    MC guide
    To make raiding in MC run as smooth and fast as possible be there on time, remember to repair, have the latest version of CTraid (1.538) and be on Ventrilo (VT).

    Master loot will be the way loot are distributed so no need to write NEEED, class items are handled in the appropriate class channel and cross-class items will be distributed as decided by council. A loot list on which classes get what items will be posted soon.

    If you are going afk or offline remember to say so in the class-channel, and in the raid channel, but rule of thumb, dont be afk close to boss fights!

    Tactics and important information will be said on VT, so your missing a lot of the action if your not on VT, and there is a risk of being kicked from the raid if you dont have VT!

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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