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    Re: Hotkeys

    tegeus-Cromis - 10.07.2006, 02:38

    Some standardisation of hotkeys would be nice (I'm not sure why I didn't think to suggest this earlier). What I mean is that since all heroes use the WERT hotkeys, it would make sense for other units to do the same. Hence the hotkey for the spawn Ninja armour reduction should be W (assuming it remains manual castable), as should the hotkey for merc Ninja's Hide. Of course, it isn't necessary or practical for Peasants to follow this format.

    In a similar vein, some of the skill hotkeys for heroes could benefit from being swapped around. It would make more sense to standardise the skills so that the nuke is skill 1, the utility skill is skill 2 and the passive is skill 3 (where these are applicable, of course).

    Here are the ones I think would make more sense than the current arrangements:

    Yumi: Strafe (W) Magic Trap (E) Yumiya no Michi (-) Rain of Arrows (T)

    Ninja: Shuriken (W) Ensnare (E) Shadow (R) Flying Daggers (T)

    Ronin: Flying Death (W) Airy Charge (E) Death Poem (-) Kaze (T)

    No Dachi: Rising Dragon (W) Blaze (E) No Dachi Skill (-) Ulti (T)

    Shinobi: Way of Death (W) Fear of the Dark (E) Abstraction (-) Old Man's Friend (T)

    Yari: Whirling Yari (W) Battlerage (E) Sha'Technique (-) Oni (T)

    Onmyoji and Warlord are fine.

    Re: Hotkeys

    nooK - 10.07.2006, 19:23

    The thing with the normal units`abilities is fine and will be in next version, for the hero keys I see no reason and on some heroes it just isn´t possible because of the we bug (german we).

    Re: Hotkeys

    tegeus-Cromis - 11.07.2006, 01:34

    W E bug? Could you elaborate? (Something to do with why Battlerage and Strafe were broken last version?)

    Well, I guess it isn't vital for skills to follow this order, but it would be helpful, and would definitely add to ease of use to at least make the passive (where the hero has a passive) skill 3, so that the two active normal skill buttons are next to each other.

    Re: Hotkeys

    nooK - 13.07.2006, 21:27

    The bug is:
    The ability I use as base for the spell already has the hotkey "W" for example. So the editor doesn´t recognize that the hotkey has been changed because it was "W" already before. So in German Wc3 it works, but in other languages this base ability for example has the hotkey "C", so my custom ability has the hotkey "C" for your language too.

    Re: Hotkeys

    tegeus-Cromis - 14.07.2006, 09:53

    Oh, okay. I get it now.

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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