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    Pudel - 16.03.2010, 23:24

    ENgliSch Netting old friends
    Reading Text II: Netting old friends
    A) Like millions of teenagers around the world, Sue Bloom spends several hours socializing
    online every day. She posts pictures, meets new friends and updates her blog. The only thing
    is, Bloom isn’t a teenager or a twenty-something college student – she’s a 58-year-old art
    historian. And the brand-new site where she hangs out, Eons.com, is for baby boomers (and
    older) only: you have to be at least 50 to join. “Social networking sites are wonderful for
    people of my generation,” says Bloom, who lives in Maryland. “We’ve always been really
    social, and they’re all about developing a community.”
    B) Forget teen haunt Xanga and college student staple Facebook. Online social networking
    isn’t just for youngsters anymore. Of course, only 1 million of the more than 215 million
    social networkers regularly active today are older than 50. But by the end of the year that
    number could explode to 20 million, says a new study from global analysts Deloitte, due
    out later this month. Silver surfers could prove to be an even more coveted online group
    than their teenage predecessors. “They’re the future of social networking,” says Paul Lee,
    director of technology research at Deloitte.
    C) The rising number of older networkers has something to do with the teenage market reaching
    saturation. In Ireland, for instance, 90 percent of teenagers already actively use Bebo; in
    the United States, it’s hard to find a college student without a MySpace page. To expand,
    networking sites are being forced to shift their focus to older users. “Future growth has to
    come from older people,” says Bebo founder Michael Birch. “There’s no choice.”
    D) Online networking took off as a phenomenon three years ago with the launch of Web
    2.0 Software like JavaScript and XML, which make online design relatively easy to do.
    Although MySpace was founded only in 2003, News Corp. recently shelled out $580 million
    for the company, and Google paid $1.65 billion for YouTube, the immensely popular videosharing
    site. Neither firm, however, has posted a profit, and it’s not clear if they will. Social
    networking’s traditional bread-and-butter users, the 30-minus generation, grew up on free
    music from Napster and are loath to pay for anything they get on the Web. Advertisers have
    been reluctant to have their brands displayed on unmonitored sites, which are often rife
    with unsavory postings. And although teens may have lots of time, they lack cash.
    E) Baby boomers, on the other hand, have both time and money. They’re also more refined
    and restrained in the messages they post, which appeals to advertisers. Jeff Taylor, the
    entrepreneur who made millions off popular job-search site Monster.com, which he founded
    back in 1993, seems to have another hit on his hands with Eons, the social networking site
    for the 50-plus crowd only. Eons hit the Net in late July, backed by $10 million in venture
    capital, and now boasts more than 100,000 members and has welcomed almost a million
    unique visitors. In only a few months it has signed on numerous advertisers, including
    Hyatt Hotels, Verizon Wireless, Liberty Mutual and Fidelity. Beyond that, Deloitte’s new
    Reading Texts
    FOS/BOS 12 (2008) Page 5 of 6
    FOCUS ON SUCCESS Erweiterte Ausgabe The new edition: Exam Trainer
    study on the rise of older social networkers predicts that baby boomers, unlike those of
    the MySpace generation, will be willing to pay subscription fees for sites that offer the tech
    support they desire.
    F) The trend is happening from Tallinn to Tokyo. Eons has formed clubs around the interests
    of an older crowd. Among the most popular are Bookaholics, an online book club which is
    just starting its second book review now, and Becoming a Spiritual Adult, which encourages
    members to discuss moral and ethical values.
    G) What created this perfect networking storm for baby boomers? For one thing, the oldest
    boomers – who just hit 60 last year – are retiring. That means they have time to spend on
    networking sites that are wholly reliant on user-created content. Unlike their parents, baby
    boomers aren’t looking for a quiet retirement. They want to stay active, social and connected
    during a retirement in which they’re likely to live to more than 80. In the modern world, that
    means online as much as in person. In the United States alone, there are 44 million people
    over the age of 50 online.
    H) In some important ways, however, boomers are exactly like the teenagers and young adults
    who launched the online social networking phenomenon. As graduation keynote speakers
    stereotypically say to their young audiences: “The world is your oyster.” But with boomers
    having so many healthy years to look forward to on retirement, it’s just as much theirs.
    Adapted from: Newsweek, January 15, 2007 (759 words)
    Reading Texts
    FOS/BOS 12 (2008) Page 6 of 6
    FOCUS ON SUCCESS Erweiterte Ausgabe The new edition: Exam Trainer
    Reading Text III (GAPPED TEXT): Flames of hope
    As for so many of us, the genocide in Darfur (Sudan) was merely an abstraction to Ashok
    Gadgil, a scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California. But in September
    2004 he got a call from the U.S. Agency for International Development. Could Gadgil design
    a screw press for Darfurians, the caller asked, so they could turn their garbage into biofuel
    pellets? “I quickly showed him that there is not enough kitchen waste in home cooking to
    produce much worthwhile fuel,” the physicist says, and USAID dropped the idea. [1]
    . Eventually Gadgil decided that if he couldn’t redesign the fuel, he would redesign
    the stove.
    The violence in Darfur has not only left at least 200,000 dead but devastated the already arid
    landscape. [2] As they hunt farther and wider for firewood, they are denuding
    whole swaths of the countryside. Gathering firewood can now mean a seven-hour round trip,
    during which women risk rape and mutilation at the hands of the Janjaweed militias that lurk
    in wait. [3] A fact-finding visit to the region in late 2005 brought home the
    problem’s urgency to Gadgil. “A huge majority of people were missing at least one meal a week
    because they did not have fuel to cook with,” he says. [4] “That’s really sick,
    isn’t it?”, he added.
    Gadgil, a 56-year-old Mumbai native, had experience developing simple, life-saving technology.
    One of his patents – a cheap method for disinfecting water using ultraviolet light – led to a
    successful business start-up in 1996. [5] After returning from Darfur, Gadgil
    worked with lab colleagues and students at UC Berkeley to modify an existing Indian stove for
    Darfurians’ needs. “Cook stoves, although they look simple, are very complex creatures,” he says.
    While the Indian stove excelled at producing low-intensity heat for cooking rice, for instance,
    Darfurians needed a high-powered flame for sautéing onions, garlic and okra, ingredients in
    their staple dish, mulah. [6]
    The result of their efforts is the Berkeley-Darfur stove, a hollow drum that looks like a cross
    between a lunar landing craft and a stop sign. A wind collar makes for a steady flame. Designed
    with smooth airflow to fuel the fire and an upper rim that fits snugly with different-size pots, the
    stove requires 75 percent less fuel than an open fire. [7] And those who now
    pay for it, Gadgil estimates, could save as much as $200 a year, which could be used instead for
    luxuries like new clothing and fresh meat.
    The next step is mass production. Gadgil and his partners in Berkeley have teamed with
    two non-profit organisations, Engineers Without Borders and CHF International, to set up
    workshops in Sudan. The project is funded by USAID and individual donors. They hope
    ultimately to distribute stoves to nearly all 300,000 refugee families. Gadgil and EWB have
    yet to settle on a distribution plan. They won’t be handing the stoves out as charity – “
    [8] ,” Gadgil says – but at $25 apiece, the devices are out of the reach of most
    families. Gadgil favors some sort of leasing plan, allowing families to rent the stove for about 50
    cents a week. The ultimate goal is for the refugees to take over the program, from manufacturing
    to distribution, which would mean jobs and income for the devastated region.
    Adapted from: Newsweek, July 16, 2007 (524 words)
    Reading Tasks
    FOS/BOS 12 (2008) Page 1 of 6
    FOCUS ON SUCCESS Erweiterte Ausgabe The new edition: Exam Trainer
    zum Erwerb der Fachhochschulreife
    an Fachoberschulen and Berufsoberschulen
    Dienstag, 10. Juni 2008
    Reading Comprehension Tasks: 9.00–10.30 Uhr
    Name: Klasse:
    Schule: Platznummer:
    Variante 2
    Reading Comprehension Tasks
    Task I: Mixed Reading Tasks (12 credits)
    Task II: Mixed Reading Tasks (10 credits)
    Task III: Multiple Matching (8 credits)
    Total : Reading Comprehension (30 credits)
    Reading Tasks
    FOS/BOS 12 (2008) Page 2 of 6
    FOCUS ON SUCCESS Erweiterte Ausgabe The new edition: Exam Trainer
    Task I: Pull up your pants or go to jail
    Mixed reading Tasks
    Mediation Englisch-Deutsch: (Absätze A – F) (5)
    Beantworten Sie die folgenden Aufgaben auf Deutsch! Verwenden Sie hierfür die im Text
    enthaltenen Informationen!
    1. Welche konkreten Strafen wurden in der Stadt Delcambre für das Tragen von
    herunter hängenden Hosen eingeführt?

    2. Erläutern Sie, welcher Vorwurf in der Formulierung „(…) worn as a badge of
    delinquency“ (l. 17) zum Ausdruck kommt.
    3. Erklären Sie, wie und warum das Tragen dieser herunter hängenden Hosen
    ursprünglich entstanden ist.
    Short-answer question / sentence completion (2)
    4. Answer the following question by providing the required information from the text:
    Which civil right has so far prevented lawmakers from banning sagging trousers
    throughout the US?
    5. Complete the following sentence:
    According to the text, will be the
    population group mainly affected by the new regulations against sagging trousers.
    Reading Tasks
    FOS/BOS 12 (2008) Page 3 of 6
    FOCUS ON SUCCESS Erweiterte Ausgabe The new edition: Exam Trainer
    Multiple-choice questions (paragraphs H – O ) (5)
    Mark the most suitable option with a cross.
    6. In the view of Annette Lartigue, sagging pants should be banned … (1)
    A because they are just another fashion that will not last.
    B in order to ensure that people wear the right clothes.
    C in order to protect other people from offensive behavior.
    D because more and more people are exposing themselves.
    7. According to paragraph J, several school districts have … (1)
    A banned crime-related items of clothing.
    B taken some of their students to court.
    C completely banned fashionable clothing.
    D expelled drug users from school.
    8. According to the text, the NBA (National Basketball Association) has introduced a
    dress code because … (1)
    A gang fights have broken out between several teams.
    B it might lose supporters due to players’ behavior.
    C some players have attacked wealthy spectators.
    D advertising revenues have decreased significantly.
    9. Professor Dyson expresses the view that … (1)
    A sagging pants are offensive and can even lead to criminal behavior.
    B the focus should be on addressing the underlying social problems.
    C the actual problem is the conflict between black and white Americans.
    D people’s style of clothing cannot be equated with a criminal lifestyle.
    10. In this article, the author above all wants to … (1)
    A compare regulations in different parts of the US.
    B provide an overview of the current debate.
    C criticize the supporters of the new legislation.
    D warn readers about the effects of the new legislation.
    Task I: / 12 credits
    Reading Tasks
    FOS/BOS 12 (2008) Page 4 of 6
    FOCUS ON SUCCESS Erweiterte Ausgabe The new edition: Exam Trainer
    Task II: Netting old friends
    1. Gapped summary (paragraphs A to C only!) (5)
    Fill in the gaps with words taken from paragraphs A to C of the text (one word per line).
    Baby boomers have always been interested in , networking and
    being part of a community. Therefore, online social networking is becoming more and more popular
    among the 50-plus generation. Until recently, it was only associated with teenagers,
    their as an online group.
    Those , as the older net users
    are also called metaphorically, will perhaps be targeted even more intensively by online firms
    than teenagers, as the market for youngsters has now arrived at a state of . So
    if in social networking is to continue, it must come from the older
    Mediation Englisch-Deutsch: (Absätze D – H) (5)
    Beantworten Sie die folgenden Fragen auf Deutsch.
    2. Aus welchen Gründen konnten bisher weder mit MySpace noch mit YouTube
    Gewinne erzielt werden? (2)
    c) Jugendliche haben wenig Geld zur Verfügung.
    Reading Tasks
    FOS/BOS 12 (2008) Page 5 of 6
    FOCUS ON SUCCESS Erweiterte Ausgabe The new edition: Exam Trainer
    3. Welche Gründe werden in Absatz G dafür angeführt, dass die Social-Networking
    Angebote bei so vielen älteren Menschen auf so großes Interesse stoßen? (2)
    4. Was bedeutet im Textzusammenhang: “it’s just as much theirs” (l. 56/7)? (1)
    Task II: / 10 credits
    Reading Tasks
    FOS/BOS 12 (2008) Page 6 of 6
    FOCUS ON SUCCESS Erweiterte Ausgabe The new edition: Exam Trainer
    Task III: Flames of hope
    Multiple matching (gapped text)
    You are going to read a text on an invention making life easier for many people in the Third
    World. The text contains 8 gaps. Use the box below to state which of the sentences A to L fits
    best into each gap. There are three additional sentences which you do not need.
    GAP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    A) More than 2 million people now fill groaning refugee camps.
    B) The resulting company, WaterHealth International, now provides affordable clean
    water for more than 1 million people in the developing world.
    C) That means fewer risky trips outside the camp in search of firewood.
    D) They have enabled him to distribute 100,000 stoves for free.
    E) Since then, the political situation in Darfur has calmed down considerably.
    F) But the problem continued to nag at him.
    G) And since most families cook outside, the stove also needed to cope with the region’s
    strong winds.
    H) Men can’t make the trip in their stead – they’ll simply be killed.
    I) Giving something away turns the recipients into beggars.
    J) However, it is too expensive to be produced in great numbers.
    K) Many families were selling some of their food in exchange for the wood to cook it with.
    Task III: / 8 credits
    FOS/BOS 12 (2008) Page 1 of 2
    FOCUS ON SUCCESS Erweiterte Ausgabe The new edition: Exam Trainer
    Task IV: Descriptive writing (9 credits)
    Choose one of the following two tasks (1 or 2) and write between 80 –100 words.
    1. Describing a cartoon: Describe the situation in this cartoon, which is entitled “Out of
    business”, and state what point the cartoonist is making.
    2. Describing statistics: What do the following statistics tell you about CO2 emissions?
    Adapted from: http://news.mongabay.com/2007/0508-world_bank.html
    Annual per capita CO2 emissions in tonnes, 1980–2004
    China Europe Africa
    1980 1990 2004
    FOS/BOS 12 (2008) Page 2 of 2
    FOCUS ON SUCCESS Erweiterte Ausgabe The new edition: Exam Trainer
    Task V: Argumentative writing (21 credits)
    Choose one of the following topics (1 or 2) and write at least 200 words.
    1. Composition
    According to recent statistics, Germany has become a country with one of the highest numbers
    of overweight people in Europe.
    In your opinion, what are the main reasons for this development and what measures should be
    taken to stop this trend?
    2. Letter
    Since you are interested in environmental issues, you want to do some voluntary work after
    finishing school. You have found the following advertisement on the Internet and are planning
    to spend four weeks in Australia.
    Write a letter to your pen-friend from London and try to persuade him or her to join you on
    this conservation project.

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