my prayers

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    Re: my prayers

    -Silent-Miltiades - 10.06.2006, 18:50

    my prayers
    Our lager,

    Which art in barrels,

    Hallowed by thy drink,

    Thy will be drunk,

    At home as it is in the pub.

    Give us this day our foamy head,

    And forgive us our spillages,

    As we forgive those who spill against us

    And lead us not into incarceration,

    But deliver us from hangovers.

    For thine is the beer, the bitter, the lager.


    Re: my prayers

    Anonymous - 11.06.2006, 19:40

    :lloll: milt

    You think of that yourself?

    Re: my prayers

    Denali - 12.06.2006, 08:05

    Milt i cant follow your joke-posts anymore they are too numerous!!


    but that one's good.

    Re: my prayers

    -FB- - 12.06.2006, 14:25

    lmao....I'm thinkin it maybe a good idea 2 have a 'rehab' thread in these forums, cause lets face it most of -SA- are drunks.....We cud all hug and share

    Hi my name is FB and i'm an alcoholic...... :lol:

    Re: my prayers

    Anonymous - 12.06.2006, 21:24

    Hey guys, I too am an alcoholic and I don't give a fuck :8:

    I would still like hugs though, sexual ones :P

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