1st Try

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    Re: 1st Try

    Liadin - 12.08.2009, 21:48

    1st Try
    *jumps into new room*
    *looks around*
    Hmmm... Noone here yet ?
    *starts to decorate the empty room*
    ~a fireplace, posters of different metal bands, cd-player, sofa and armchairs, a little kitchen~
    *sits down to have a cup of cocoa*
    *waits for others*

    Re: 1st Try

    Garjzla - 12.08.2009, 21:50

    *sees a door coming out of nowhere*
    *looks around*
    *knocks the door*
    "Hellooooo??? Anybody thereee??"
    *waits for an answer*

    Re: 1st Try

    Liadin - 12.08.2009, 21:53

    *jumps up at the knocking of garjzla*
    *spills hot cocoa all over her clothes*
    *starts to curse heavy*
    *opens the door with a nod from the other side of the room*
    Come in =)

    Re: 1st Try

    Garjzla - 12.08.2009, 21:56

    *looks and Liadin and starts smiling*
    *steps in and looks around*
    Niicee room you got here..
    *walks along the walls*
    *looks at posters*
    *looks at Liadin and her hot chocolate*
    Can.. can I have one too?

    Re: 1st Try

    Liadin - 12.08.2009, 22:00

    *takes a suspicious look at Garjzla*
    *turns half away from her and hides the cup at her side*
    of course you can! Have a seat!
    *nods a second time to materialize a second cup of hot chocolate*

    Re: 1st Try

    Garjzla - 12.08.2009, 22:02

    *big grin on her face*
    Thanks Digga ;)
    *takes a sip and stars lookin around again*
    You know what?? I wanna go to Wacken next year!!
    *Looks at Liadin, still grinning*

    Re: 1st Try

    Liadin - 12.08.2009, 22:07

    *joins grinning*
    Me too !
    And then we will camp and visit Jan!
    ~Another door appears in on of the walls~
    Let's dream a bit ^^
    *leaves the cup at her place and walks over to the door*
    *walks through it and finds herself on a messy but nevertheless interesting campground*
    *all kinds of languages can be heard by the carefull listener, accompanied by the fading sounds of drums and guitars*

    Re: 1st Try

    Garjzla - 12.08.2009, 22:11

    *jumps up from her seat*
    *walks through second door*
    *sees a giant campground*
    *hears a weird sound from her left*
    I will kill you, giant magical dragon of DOOOM
    *sees an interessting man with a taped stick that looks like a sword*
    *he attacks his tent with his taped sword*
    AWESOOOMEEE!! I wanna tape something together!!
    *finds a role of tape and starts taping sticks together*
    Seee Liadin? I am a knight
    *holds up a sword and a shield*

    Re: 1st Try

    Liadin - 12.08.2009, 22:14

    Gimme a second!
    *tapes smth*
    See I'm the master of deer !
    *holds up a fwan*
    Oh wait ... that isn't really impressive...
    Just another second
    *tapes again*
    Haha! What do you say now ?
    *puts on a light armor and raises her sword*

    Re: 1st Try

    Garjzla - 12.08.2009, 22:17

    Nice taping :D
    *attacks Liadin with her (a little bit weird und anstable looking) sword*
    I am the master of war!! I AM THE MASTER!!!
    *hears a familiar sound*
    *looks up*
    Do you hear that?? That sounds like ... HAMMERFALL!!
    *jumps on her feet and starts running towards the stage*
    COME ON!!

    Re: 1st Try

    Liadin - 12.08.2009, 22:22

    Weee !!! HAMMERFALL !!!
    *jumps up and follows garjzla humming "Howlin' with the pac'"*
    *enters the area in front of the true metal stage with Garjzla which is already pretty stuffed with awesome metalheads*
    Yeah !

    Re: 1st Try

    Garjzla - 12.08.2009, 22:25

    Man, this ... is .... AWESOMMEEE!!!
    *looks around and sees all the other metalheads*
    *starts raising her hands like all the other people*
    This is the best day of my life!!

    Re: 1st Try

    Liadin - 12.08.2009, 22:28

    Wait until you see Sabaton or Edguy! They're awesome too !
    Though I would still consider HammerFall the best.
    *raises her hands too*
    *starts singing along with Joacim*

    Re: 1st Try

    Deloi - 19.08.2009, 00:53

    "What the... Hammerfall???"
    she looked up, when she saw where Liadin and Garjla were running to.
    "Should have been clear for me... If not at the Hammerfall performance, where else?"
    She followed them to the True Metal stage and greets them, recognizing that Hammerfall isn't that bad. Just in this moment they start playing "renegade" and she doesn't notice anything else but the music.

    Re: 1st Try

    Liadin - 23.08.2009, 20:44

    After answering Delois greeting she calls out to her with a broad grin:
    "HammerFall ?! Getting soft on your old days?"
    Knowing what kind of response will come she concentrates back on the great show as the first tunes of Howlin' with the pac' start to echo over the audience.


    Re: 1st Try

    Garjzla - 01.09.2009, 21:12

    Lets get this fuckin party started"
    *She puts her hand in her pocket and pulls out a scarf and puts it on her kerchief and puts it on*
    "thanks Digga... best gift EVER!!"
    *moves her head with rythem and raises her hand (\m/)*

    Re: 1st Try

    Liadin - 01.09.2009, 21:33

    She grins and takes out an equal looking kerchief and ties it around her head. After a while the concert draws nearer to it's end and after they have played three more songs they leave the stage at last.

    "So what do we watch now ? Anyone here knowing the running order by heart ?"

    Re: 1st Try

    Garjzla - 02.09.2009, 05:59

    "Nope, not really... but since its our imagination, I guess, we can just imagine, whos next"
    *she smiles at Liadin and Deloi*
    "Welll..... what do you wanne see next? I would love to see In Flames"
    *You can see a shiny glance in her eyes*

    Re: 1st Try

    Deloi - 02.09.2009, 17:34

    "Whoaa... In Flames... Let's go see them, let's go see them"
    *getting excited and starting jumping around Liadin*
    "Come with us, they're GODS!"
    *grinning, thinking of DiB*

    Re: 1st Try

    Liadin - 24.09.2009, 19:51

    *smiles at the sight of Deloi jumping around*
    "As Digga already said: It's our imagination; we can decide what will happen ... so off you are to In Flames!
    I'll join you later! Need some time for myself ... sleeping or taping would be great now ... and a biiig cup of coffee!
    *again a smile crosses her face*
    *then she vanishes in a crowd*

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