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    Re: Sky Balla

    cello77 - 11.05.2006, 12:33

    Sky Balla
    About Sky Balla

    As people scramble to see who will ensure that the West Coast remains a contender for Hip Hop mainstream, it is no secret that Sky Balla is groomed to be the next major Western presence since The Game. Like The Game, Sky Balla, 25, has caused a mixed tape frenzy, and has managed to capture the attention of major DJs: Whoo Kid, Big Mike, DJ Strong and DJ Wats, are among a few in that league. As a result, Sky Balla has sparked interest in virtually every major label, including the infamous G-UNIT.

    His music is the theme music for every hustler, and his lyrics ring of such truthful clarity that E-40 has decided to take Sky Balla in, to guide him and coach him, and ensure ,as The Game didnt forget Compton, that Sky Balla doesnt forget The Bay. Yet the hip hop audience wont need a Bay dictionary to decipher Sky Ballas universal sound because his lyrical hustle and flow can be felt no matter what hood you are in. Shanda Sealy, radio specialist explains, "The Game has passed his baton to Sky Balla. This is another artist with a sound that can be heard in every city. E-40 never received the credit he deserved for putting the Bay on the map, but no matter where you go, everyone is saying that Sky Balla is going to be the rapper who puts the Bay on the map and keeps the West Coast going."

    There is an extreme amount of pressure on Sky Balla to not only brand The Bay, but also to ensure that the West Coast has more than one artist who can represent the tremendous talent pool. Javin Foreman, radio promoter analyst reveals, "Because the West was buried under so much radio politics, everyone was trying to figure out who would have broad enough shoulders to support the Snoops and the Games of the Western World, and in various radio meetings, Sky Ballas name continues to come up. He just has to have tough skin to fight not the radio world, but his own peers on the West Coast, that are just as hungry to be next." When asked does he feel any pressure following The Game, Sky Balla calmly states, "Game is gangster, I am a hustler. And Pac was both. We got real synergy. They thought they killed Pacs movement when they killed him, but Pac is still here in me and Game. And we will combine this movement and make a million more Pacs."

    If controversy is the formula to success for every high profile artist, Sky Balla will definitely be successful on that aspect of his life alone. Sky Balla, the self made millionaire, has had an affair with NFL Dolphins wife, was in the midst of a bloody war in October 1998, a shoot out in the middle of the streets in San Francisco, in one of the biggest drug raids in Northern California -US Marshalls, FBI, DEA and SFPD all raided his house and seized $23,000 dollars in cash. Sky currently heads a very powerful and high profile modeling agency., Elite Exclusives. Tomas Leely reveals, "Sky Ballas team and clique is as feared as Suge Knights clique is feared, but I am glad that he is now into the rap music, because he can help others get out of that risky hustle, and go into the legal hustle the rap game." At 18 he was a self made millionaire, Sky Balla explains, "In high school I had a better car than the principal, something is wrong with the American way of life who doesnt reward teachers for teaching,that is why there are so many children in the streets, look at how they reward entertainers more than they award guides to the future. Thats ridiculous man. I am going to take my money and change some sh*..! around."

    Sky Ballas first debut album entitled "Mobb Report", has already been prepared and ready to go independently for the right offer. His album is controversial and has the biggest names and producers on the album. The main producers are Scott Storch and Tone Capone. The artists Game, Juel Santana, Lil Flip, E-40, Unheard of tracks from Notorious B.I.G. and long time close friend Mac Dre. Sky Balla plans to release this controversial CD January, 2006. "Im Rich Bitch" is a slogan used throughout the world. Sky Balla wants to keep up the Bays legacy and keep his records independent. Sky Balla explains, "Man the Bay taught me independence. That is the only difference between me and Game, he wanted a deal, I want to go in a different league. But we are still close, we are still going to ensure the West is back. Hell, I was on 5 tours with Game, I talk to Game every other day, so we are definitely going to vibe and support each other moves. But if I can help it, I want the independence. I dont want anyone trying to silence me." Sky Balla continues, If I want to say F!@.. the Police over and over again, especially now since they killed the 2 year old baby and father, I can say F!@.. the Police ! Thats another reason why they dont want California back, we are talking about politics, reality and etc. Paris from The Bay is still the Bush Killa, and still talking about who the real terrorist is, they cant handle our truth."

    Sky Balla will carry on the Wests legacy with his controversial lyrics, his truth telling hustle, and his undeniably chart topping music. From L.A. to The Bay, Sky Balla brings back not only the Bay but keeps the West Coast very visible with his talent. After The Game, Sky Balla continues putting the West Coast on the map.

    Re: Sky Balla

    Nuttyranks - 15.05.2006, 18:29

    Da hat er das ja fast genau so gemacht wie ich!!

    Schätze mal er hat es sich bei mir abgeguckt!



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