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    Re: Deep Insight - Laberrunde

    Niina - 12.05.2006, 22:19

    Deep Insight - Laberrunde
    sie sind ja bald on, gelle, Nati?
    argh, schagga, in Tischkante beiß

    Re: Deep Insight - Laberrunde

    Kat - 11.06.2006, 23:22

    14.07.2006 (GER) RHEINE, Ems Open-Air 2006
    15.07.2006 (GER) FRAUENHAIN, Saxstock Festival

    diese beiden gigs wurden gestrichen ;)

    Re: Deep Insight - Laberrunde

    secret.forgiveness - 29.06.2006, 20:35

    WARUM IST MISKA GEGANGEN??????????? :help: :ohnemich:

    Re: Deep Insight - Laberrunde

    Niina - 29.06.2006, 21:55

    gute Frage, hör mal auf zu weinen *taschentuch reich* und klär uns mal bitte auf hier!
    oder guck mal hier:
    Jukka hat folgendes geschrieben: Say hi to Jore

    It breaks our hearts to tell you that Miska has decided to leave from Deep Insight. After the last tour in May it was clear for all of us that Miska's heart and passion lies in somewhere else than DI. And as we all know, without passion it's nearly impossible to do long tours and studio sessions away from home. There has been no drama involved. After a long time of thinking Miska made his own decision to leave, and we have to respect it. We love Miska very much and it was hard to let him go.
    In the last three years we got to play over 250 shows, make two records and travel in more than 20 different countries together. We had a great time with Miska and we want to thank him for such an amazing time in the band!

    Life has to go on and so does Deep Insight.
    We found a new bass player from Tampere, please welcome Jore! He's 23 years old and has got a drivers licence and a car. Thats all you need from a bass player, right?! Wink All jokes aside- he's a very nice guy and we're sure you'll love him once you get to know him a little.

    Jore will play his first show with us next weekend at Baltic Rand 2006 in Estonia.

    Re: Deep Insight - Laberrunde

    secret.forgiveness - 02.07.2006, 21:55

    er sieht nicht schlecht aus der neue,....aber hallo??!!!

    und was erlaubt der sich eigentlich das ST.PAULI shIRT anzuziehen? :sch:

    Re: Deep Insight - Laberrunde

    Niina - 19.07.2006, 20:29

    Deep Insight hat folgendes geschrieben: Hey guys!!

    We have signed a new record deal with Helsinki Music Company (HMC)
    New single will be released in august and the new album will be out on 11.10.2006.
    More info at

    We're excited about all this and can't wait to play new song live!
    Hope to see you all soon on tour!
    Take care!

    -deep insight-

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