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    Re: Warrior girl

    metalamazon - 11.05.2006, 22:18

    Warrior girl
    This short film was on at german cinemas some time ago, they showed it before the main movies. Anybody seen it, too?



    Re: Warrior girl

    aquafeet - 24.05.2006, 19:58

    Haha, yeah I saw that more than a year ago I think.

    They showed that on cinemas? From what I read it was a student's final project for his 3d course. If it's a trailer for a bigger movie then I'm shatting my pants right now.

    Battletech is one of my alltime favourite universes.

    Re: Warrior girl

    metalamazon - 25.05.2006, 02:32

    I love Battletech very much, too. I think I have read almost all the books, and played most of the video games. :)
    I think this sequence is supposed to show Cassie Suthorn fighting a ´mech at the arena of Solaris 7. Not sure, though. I´ve read some books about Cassie Suthorn, but I really never read something about her at Solaris. Maybe the director wrote that story himself. :?:

    They really showed that film in the cinemas. But only as an extra before other main movies. It is certainly not a trailer...unfortunately. :(

    But maybe the guy who made it gets it into his mind to make a major movie out of it later on? :roll:

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