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    Re: How to manage life with someone you never met before

    Dine - 13.07.2007, 18:08

    How to manage life with someone you never met before
    Ich hab auch mal ne Fanfic geschrieben. Ich poste das mal kapitelweise. Ihr könnt mir ja mal sagen, was ihr davon haltet und ob ihr mehr lesen wollt.

    Chapter 1
    “The support band problem”

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    March 3rd, 2006

    Julie’s POV

    “Guys! Come on! You really should think about your next tour. Give me some advices” I said to the four boys who were sitting on the couch in front of me.
    You know, I’m the tour manager of Billy Talent. So I have to take care of booking shows and hotels and flights, stuff like that. And I have to take care of the four guys who are too lazy to think about anything right now.
    “Come on! It’s your band and you really could help me with this stuff! Otherwise I could make such a big mistake to book you for a show every evening.”
    “NOOOO!” Benjamin, the lead singer of the band, yelled and jumped up.
    “Then think! Think about a good band who can support you. Or think about how many shows you want to play. This will be your biggest tour. It’s a world tour and you know that” I said hoping they’ll get their asses up.
    “She’s right, guys. We should help her with that stuff” Ian who is the guitarist, agreed with me.
    “NOOOO! I don’t want to work right now! These are my holidays” Ben said and tried to look angry.
    But this looked so stupid we all had to laugh.
    “Why are you laughing now? Julie, sweety, tell me” Ben begged.
    “Ben, think! What’s up with your brain?!” I said in shock.
    “It’s on holidays. So what do you expect then?” he answered and laughed at himself.
    Aaron, the drummer of Billy Talent, murmured, “unbelievable”. You know, he’s like a dad to all of us. He always takes care of everything and gives interviews and stuff like that but he also know how to make fun of others and stuff like that. Jon, the bassist, only sat there and smiled. He doesn’t talk so much like the others do but he isn’t shy. I think he really doesn’t know what to say in this strange situation right now.
    “Okay, enough of that stupid shit. Let’s do something for your tour now. That’s the most important thing right now” I tried to motivate them.
    But only Aaron (like always) and Ian wanted to help me.
    ‘Better than nothing’, I thought to myself.
    So the three of us went to another room to talk about all this stuff.
    “Well, I thought about the support band problem before. I think it should be a band from Europe and one which is well-known there. Any ideas?” I told.
    Aaron and Ian thought about it too.
    “Well, it’s a good idea. I think we should try it with another style of music for supporting us…” Aaron began to tell.
    Ian and I looked at him confused.
    “What do you mean?” Ian asked.
    “Umm…I think we should look for a band with a different style of music…like alternative or indie bands…something like that” he explained.
    Ian still looked a bit confused. But I knew what he wanted to tell us. He wants a band who caused that everybody in the crowd was having fun and started to party. Then, when Billy Talent would go on stage, the crowd would have so much fun like never before. Well, I don’t think it’s a bad idea but nearly nobody did that before. Going on tour with a band with a different style of music. But well, this was Billy Talent and I know that those guys want to try everything. So I know I couldn’t stop them.
    “Okay, if you want to try that you can do this. But now we have to find a band” I said.
    The two guys nodded and then we looked for a band like Aaron wants to have as support for their world tour.
    “Hey, look! What do you think about those guys?” Ian said after about one hour.
    Aaron and I turned around and looked at the computer screen. Ian found a band on myspace. Well, I think you know what myspace is, don’t you? You can talk with friends there, look for music, write emails and comments, stuff like that. It’s a good thing to make your band famous all over the world. Billy Talent has an own myspace page too. But now I really want to know what Ian had found.
    “Who is this?” Aaron asked.
    “They’re called Mando Diao. It’s a band from Borlänge, Sweden” Ian explained.
    “Yeah, I remember. I’ve read an article about them a while ago. It said that they really rock when they’re on stage” I added.
    “Sounds good. Let’s listen to some of their songs. I’ll go and get Jon and Ben” Aaron told and left the room.
    “What do you think, Ian? Is that a good idea with this band?” I asked him.
    “Want to know the truth?”
    “Yeah, I promise I won’t tell anyone.”
    “Well, I’m a bit sceptical. What if Aaron’s plan isn’t that good? What if they’re not good enough on stage? I hope I’m not right with that.”
    “Hmm. Good thoughts. Let’s hear what Jon and Ben think about this idea” I said.
    Ian nodded. Only a few seconds later Aaron, Ben and Jon entered the room. He explained his idea to the two guys.
    “…and Ian found a band called Mando Diao. Julie said that they’d rock on stage. So what do you think about it? Should this be our support? Listen to their music” Aaron finished.
    Then the five of us listened to a few songs of Mando Diao. Ben couldn’t stand still. He really started dancing!!! He’s so fidgety he can’t stand or sit still for a longer time. But that’s what makes him so adorable.
    “I love those guys!!! I think they should be our support!!” Ben yelled after the last song.
    “Okay, thanks for your comment, Ben. Jon, what do you think about it?” I asked him.
    “Well…umm…I don’t know. The idea is good but what if they aren’t that good on stage? Then the whole tour wouldn’t be a good one. But their music is really cool” Jon told.
    “I think I’ll ask them if they want to go on tour with you guys. They should know that this will be a world tour and they’ll be away from home for a long time. I hope we’ll get an answer from them soon” I said.
    The guys agreed with me and let me do my work. So I took a look on the Mando Diao homepage to contact them about the tour.

    Borlänge, Sweden
    Nearly the same time

    Björn’s POV

    I really hate this time we’re in now. You know, I’m one of the guitarists and lead singers of Mando Diao, a Swedish band. We want to go on tour again but we have really no idea where we want to go first and who will be our support. So Gustaf, the other guitarist and lead singer, and I have to decide that stuff. And that’s what I hate. The both of us have to decide nearly everything.
    “Hey, Björn, don’t be that mad. We’ll find a solution to our little problem” Mats, our keyboarder, said.
    “Yeah? How can you know that? You don’t have any ideas to tell. It’s all Gustaf’s and my work again! This sucks” I shouted.
    I’m really pissed about that. I love that band but it’s too much work right now and I can’t deal with all that stress. I don’t know why. Perhaps I’m too old for this band?
    “Hey, come on, Björn. What’s up with you? Don’t be mad. That’s really not fair” Gustaf said.
    I looked at him and I saw that he was smiling. Within the next second I know that he was right. So I knew what to do.
    “Guys, I’m sorry. But…this really pisses me off with that tour. I really hope we can decide for anything soon because otherwise…” I started but I couldn’t end my sentence.
    Carl-Johan, we call him CJ, who is our bassist entered the room all of a sudden.
    “Guys! I’ve great news! Want to know what happened?” he said excited.
    Whoa, what’s up with this guy? He isn’t that enthusiastic very often. Something really important must’ve happened.
    “Calm down, CJ. What’s up?” I asked him.
    He immediately grabbed my hand and pulled me with him.
    “Come with me. I’ve to show you something.”
    I had no choice. So I went with him to another room. I saw that he was checking our mails. An email? What can be that important in an email? Now this gets really interesting.
    “Look and read that! And don’t tell me that’s not good” he said.
    “Okay, I’ll read it. Could this be interesting to Gustaf too? If yes, then go and get him here, okay?” I asked.
    He nodded and went away. Now I’ve time enough to read the mail. I read it again and again. I couldn’t believe what I saw on the computer screen.
    “Björn, what’s up? CJ is so excited about something” I heard Gustaf say.
    “Gustaf, read this mail and tell me that I’m not dreaming” I told him.
    That made him curious as well. So he walked towards me and sat down on a chair next to me. Then he read the mail.

    “Dear Mando Diao,
    how are you guys?
    My name’s Julie and I’m the tour manager of Billy Talent, a band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The band will go on a world tour very soon and now I’m looking for a good support for the guys. We decided together to ask you if you want to support Billy Talent on their whole tour. If you’re interested in this job please let me know it very soon. Otherwise I have to look for another band.
    So I hope to hear from you soon.
    Yours sincerely,
    Billy Talent’s tour manager”

    “Whoa, what is that? That’s a dream, isn’t it?” Gustaf said, “they want us to support them? I can’t really believe that. What do you think about it?”
    “I think it’s a solution to our problem. They’re booking all the shows, and we’re there to support them. It wouldn’t be so much work for us. And I’ve heard Billy Talent is very very popular in Europe. Their concerts are sold out after 3 or 4 weeks. I think we should take this chance” CJ said.
    “Let’s go and talk with Sam and Mats. We’re all in the same band and we have to decide this together” Björn said.
    Then they told this news to Mats and Sam. After a discussion which took about 30 minutes they decided to take this chance.
    “We have to tell this to our tour manager too, don’t forget about that. But I don’t think it’s a problem. I’ll go and answer to this mail. What do you think? Should we invite them to come over to our place to talk about the details? I think it’s easier than to do that in an email” Gustaf told.
    “Yeah, that’s good. I think it’s nice to talk to them before the tour starts” Sam agreed.
    Sam was the drummer of our band, Mats the keyboarder. Gustaf looked at me and I nodded. I stood up and went with him. So I knew what he was going to tell them.

    “Dear Julie, dear Billy Talent,
    we’re doing very good. How are you?
    We just got your mail and talked about it in the next seconds. Now we can tell you that we’d love to go on tour with you guys together. It’s a good chance for us to get more famous all over the world. Now we want to invite you to come to Sweden to talk about the details together with us. We think it’s easier than doing that in emails. So if you want to come over to our place let us know it.
    Yours sincerely,
    Mando Diao”

    Then he clicked on the ‘Send’ button on the computer screen.
    “Now it’s done. We could only wait and see what they’d say” I said.

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