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    Re: My joining application!

    Seldorian - 21.10.2010, 12:10

    My joining application!
    My name is Seldorian, I am a level 52 royal paladin and right now i've just began my hunting season.
    I've been playing since early 2003, not constantly i've been retired for a year or two but now im back and just started again with my new paladin.
    Since i've been playing tibia for a while i've heard and seen much from the Tribe guild, i don't have friends in the guild but there are many names i recognize.
    This guild to me stands for honour, friendship and loyalty. I like the guild and that's why i want to be a part of the guild, I've heard many good stories about the guild but never heard a bad story.
    At the moment i have school time in real life and im a artist to, not really famous but i am a artist, so im often busy but never to busy to play tibia.
    I'm a loyal tibian player also a peacefull one, im not often involved in any trouble, Im just trying to build up friendships instead of enemies and i don't have any enemies or ever had.
    I hope that i could be a part of this guild and do quests with you, hunts with you, chat with you or just hang out.
    Im 15 years old, My name is Julian and i am from Sweden.

    Kind regards
    Seldorian. :D

    Re: My joining application!

    Novato Knight - 21.10.2010, 17:02

    Greetings traveller,

    Wanted to know what kind of arts you do? :)
    We have got a few artists in very different subject inside the Tribe.

    Also I'm sorry for earlier today, I had leave for work.

    Towards the game, did you have previous characters but Seldorian, some that one of us could've heard of?


    Re: My joining application!

    Seldorian - 21.10.2010, 21:28

    Sorry for my slow response, i've been out

    I'm a rapper, kind of newschool rapper :)
    I have had many chars before Seldorian and i mean like plenty of chars,
    but never over level 70.
    I always retire around level 50-60 and when i start playing again i make new characters on other worlds or different vocations, but this time i think im sticking to Seldorian.
    My main goal is to reach level 100 and has always been, no matter how long it will take im really looking forward to achieve that goal.

    So there are some other artists in the guild too, Im looking forward to have a chat with you and the crew :D

    Kind regards,

    Re: My joining application!

    Novato Knight - 22.10.2010, 17:22

    That's not my favorite kind of music to say the true. But that's no problem.

    I might say it will be a bit hard to reach level 100 if you retire everytime on level 50-60!

    Anyway, try to reach any of us online. :)

    Re: My joining application!

    Sacksi - 08.11.2010, 09:35

    Sorry that we have made you wait so long, I see that you have created a guild of your own now though and take it that you ain't very interested anymore.

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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