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    Re: Joining application by Derrius.

    Derrius - 19.10.2010, 14:20

    Joining application by Derrius.
    I am 60 lvl paladin, training with my real friend Sollex, after we are done with training we gotta hunt.
    I wanna join the Tribe because im seeking for good friendship and good friend. I dont know anybody in the Tribe yet. My friend told me that the Tribe would be good guild. It's an old guild and there is loyal people and they are friendly. I can offer the guild support in anything.. I like to try to resolve problems as peaceful as possible.I expect from you friendship.
    I am 21 years old, my name is Artur I live in Poland, city: Zgorzelec.

    I decided to write a lil rpg story i hope you'll enjoy.

    As i walked along my path of unforgiving heat and pain i began to relize how much i depended on finding something. Something i didnt want to exsist, I couldnt tell you what i was looking for, i didnt know at the time also didnt know what it felt like, for i never had felt it before. As i entered a temple of no name and began to slay creatures i didnt know but had heard of, i thought to myself. I am missing something. It is here. Where? is it really me trying to find it, or is it trying to find me. As i turned a corner i saw a body, lieing to the left of a statue that was covered in blood. I heard many voices chanting "reborn, redo, undo, what will you do!?" but noone around to say them. By this time i was in a state of shock, i couldnt move yet my body pushed me ahead towards the statue. "Derrius, help it, help me, help them" said a voice, a voice with no owner. " who are you ", i yelled but i was not gifted with an answer. I began to walk back but to see nothing but a wall from where i came. Soon enough i began to raise my hand at a switch in the wall and pulled it. As i did i began to see many giant scary spiders, i stod still and they surround me. I yelled for help and a famous guy that were in the brotherhood called Antharas, just came in my screen and started to kill the scary spiders, some of the spiders switched target and followed him and ofcourse he started to run and continued the killing, i had just two more spiders on me and i saw i had no supplies to heal my self, i couldnt do anything so i reached the dry grass. I were reborn in the cold temple there i began and felt like a dark shadow.
    It found me, the thing i didnt know the thing i never felt, the thing i didnt want to exsist, Death.

    Some peoples risk their lives for others, some not.

    Yours, Derrius.

    Re: Joining application by Derrius.

    Haddix - 20.10.2010, 04:14

    If you don't know anyone from the tribe, how do you know that we are loyal and friendly? :twisted: Haha anyways, just try to contact a member ingame for a little chat.

    Re: Joining application by Derrius.

    Derrius - 20.10.2010, 12:13

    Haddix wrote: If you don't know anyone from the tribe, how do you know that we are loyal and friendly? :twisted: Haha anyways, just try to contact a member ingame for a little chat.
    I know that since i was talking yesterday with Rince 8) and I'll try to catch you in-game.

    Re: Joining application by Derrius.

    Novato Knight - 20.10.2010, 19:08

    Greets stranger!

    I like to see a 'couple' of trainers.. you know, I've been much like that on my old knight. Though my Tribe mates never were so much up for it.. :p

    Anyway, your story reminds me of the one I wrote in my application for old Illusion guild 2 years ago, I guess.
    It was pure nostalgia for me while reading yours, I confess.

    Looks like you're both guys who likes to write story :D

    Looking forward to talk to you.


    /nathon zahir

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