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    Re: Reused Painting

    Kathrynethegreat - 15.08.2013, 04:51

    Reused Painting
    Thought you guys would get a kick out of the following.

    When thumbing through the Debbie Reynold's auction catalog a while back, I saw a painting of Greer Garson attributed to the movie "Mrs.Parkington." However, in that film, Greer has dark hair in the movie, but the painting in the auction catalog has been retouched to give her lighter hair.

    Also, Greer appears in costume in the film in the same dress from her portrait.

    Anyway, I was watching "That Forsyte Woman" in search of a recycled costume screencap, and came across the painting instead. It's on the dining room wall of the Forsyte Dining room.

    Re: Reused Painting

    maisy - 15.08.2013, 18:33

    Very interesting, katie! Thanks for sharing. :)
    (Where did you find That Forsyte Woman? I watched clips on yt.)

    Re: Reused Painting

    Adminette - 16.08.2013, 22:41

    thanks indeed. those where the days, when they still had decent prop painters that could manage to get some similarity into their portraits. see also colin firth in P&P95. it's not often, that prop-paintings are that professional. and if they are, they were made for british productions, most likely by british craftsmen/artists. kudos to them.

    i'm thinking... yes, i think i'll outsource reused props as soon as i get the time. :wink:

    PS: the b&w pictures are from "mrs parkington"? they really did retouch it to make it lighter afterwards, didn't they. is it known, if the portrait was in garvie's personal property?

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