WWRY Toronto - Extended Again!

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    Re: WWRY Toronto - Extended Again!

    Queen-King - 25.01.2008, 19:04

    WWRY Toronto - Extended Again!
    Schön, dass es immer noch weiter geht in Toronto! 8-)
    Bei so einem Musical auch kein Wunder...

    Zitat: WE WILL ROCK YOU – Extended Again!
    Playing until April 27th, 2008

    New Block of Tickets on Sale Saturday January 26th

    Canadian leading musical theatre performer Adam Brazier joins the cast

    The show, which began in March 2007 and has already been seen by more than 1/2 million people in Toronto, is being extended yet again until April 27, 2008.

    WE WILL ROCK YOU is an international juggernaut with productions in London, Australia, Spain, Germany, Austria, Russia and many other countries. This rollicking, fun-filled musical features more than two dozen of Queen’s greatest hits in a fantastical futuristic story full of wry humour and wild romance. The Toronto production began on March 14, 2007 and has already been seen by more than 500,000 people at the Canon Theatre.

    The Toronto production welcomes Adam Brazier as Khashoggi. One of Canada’s leading musical theatre perfomers, Mr. Brazier has performed leading roles across Canada, on Broadway and in London’s West End. He originated the role of Sky in the North American premiere of Mamma Mia!. He received the 2007 Dora Award for his performance in Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    WE WILL ROCK YOU continues with the same well-known stars; many of the brightest talents from across the country, including Yvan Pedneault as the rebel hero Galileo, Erica Peck as the feisty Scaramouche, Alana Bridgewater as the Killer Queen, Jack Langedijk as Pop, Sterling Jarvis as Jessica and Valerie Stanois as Oz. The amazing Ensemble features, Breanne Arrigo, Danny Balkwill, Adam Bolton, Nicole Bourgeois, Jordan Cable, Alanna Chisholm, Peter Deiwick, Kelly Fletcher, Galen Johnson, Sahara MacDonald, Adele MacKenzie, Melanie McInenly, Lindsay Owen Pierre, Kara Purdy, Talia Schlanger, Kristen Sehn, Adam Sergison, Darren Voros, Scott Walters, Jesse Weafer, Cleopatra Wiliams and Gabriel Wolinsky. The production has not had a single performance where audiences haven’t stood and cheered (and danced in the aisles).

    Extended Until April 27, 2008
    New Block of Tickets Go On Sale Saturday, January 26

    Tickets $25 to $94
    RUSH SEATS! 20 front-row and box seats are available for $25 each for every performance.
    RUSH SEATS are sold on the day of performance only, beginning at 10:30 AM.
    Available through TicketKing at 416-872-1212 or 1-800-461-3333
    Or online at www.mirvish.com

    Performance Schedule: Wednesday to Friday 8 PM; Saturday 2 PM & 8 PM; Sunday 2 PM
    Selected Wednesday matinees at 2 PM with a special student group price of $25


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