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    Re: Herz der Zittergipfel (#)

    AgentMicha - 07.10.2007, 17:42

    Herz der Zittergipfel (#)
    — Verlies-Kompendium

    Der Weg zum Verlies

    Dieser Dungeon hat 3 Ebenen.

    Ebene 1

    On this level you need to find Budger Blackpowder who will then follow you through the rest of the dungeon. The green dots on the map indicate possible spawn locations for him. If no one in the party has the quest it is still possible to have him follow the party by having every member of the party to talk to him. After this anyone can talk to Budger to receive an explosive barrel. These can be used to destroy Cracked Walls which block the path.

    Red path:

    This path is safer, easier and can be done with heroes.

    Blue path:

    This is the harder path. If taking this, be sure to pull enemies when possible to avoid agroing too many enemies. This path has many Skeleton Wizards which use Blinding Surge.

    Ebene 2

    This level is short but possibly annoying for some teams. Minion masters should note that Skelk Corrupters use Verata's Aura. You can fight against the enemies as usual, but if possible you could only kill the first group and then rush past all remaining enemies to the portal that takes your party to the next level.

    Ebene 3

    This is the final level. There is an Area Map next to the entrance of this level which reveals the locations of the two Cracked Walls and the boss of the dungeon. If one of your party members has the Heart of the Shiverpeaks quest the boss will be Cyndr the Mountain Heart, otherwise it's Magmus. Getting to the final battle is pretty straightforward. You will face some Aggressive Oozes and Magma Blisters and a pair of fire elementals, but an organised party should not have any difficulties with them.

    Fighting Cyndr:
    When you reach Cyndr atleast 3 party members should take an explosive keg and drop them next to Cyndr. 3 explosions will destroy his armor and make him a vulnerable target. Additional blasts deal him good amounts of damage. You can also get past his armor with life stealing and health degeneration. Note that Pyroclastic Shot (Cyndr's main attack) can't be interrupted or disabled.

    Fighting Magmus:
    An easy way to fight Magmus is to have a tank gather the enemies that Magmus produces. After this using explosive kegs should make the fight easy. After you kill Magmus he will split into multiple smaller magmas which you need to kill to spawn the reward chest.

    Budger Blackpowder
    Level 1
    20 Evil Corpse
    24 Zombie Brute
    21 Skeletal Hound
    22 Skeletal Hound
    23 Skeletal Hound
    24 Skeleton Priest
    24 Chained Cleric
    24 Zombie Necromancer
    24 Skeleton Wizard
    24 Skeleton Illusionist
    Decayed Dragon
    24 Skelk Rampager
    24 Skelk Slasher
    Level 2
    24 Skelk Rampager
    24 Skelk Corrupter
    24 Skelk Slasher
    Level 3
    24 Aggressive Ooze
    24 Magma Blister
    24 Ominous Ooze
    24 Shimmering Ooze
    24 Earthbound Ooze
    24 Burning Spirit
    24 Flowstone Elemental
    28 Jacado the Putrid (Undead)
    28 Erasklion the Prolific (Plant)
    Boss-like foes
    29 Cyndr the Mountain Heart (Appear only in quest)
    28 Magmus

    Cyndr's Aegis
    Cyndr's Edge
    Cyndr's Heart
    Magmus' Staff
    Onyx Gemstone
    Random Gold Item

    To beat Cyndr the Mountain Heart, you can use 3 Elementalists with Meteor Shower and a Warrior tank. The tank should run in and drop the black powder kegs to weaken the boss. As you go to drop the last powder keg, already have your Elementalists casting MS. Continue to do massive amounts of damage as quickly as possible. If you fail to kill him on your first try, his health will regenerate fully and you will have to weaken him with the kegs again.

    Quick Side note - If you can have a disease, hex, or otherwise something that will counteract his normal regeneration, it is quite possible to take him out in two carapace bombings, whereas the aforementioned "to beat cyndr" states that his health will fully regen is not true. He has a normal regen of +4 health pips.
    If you killed Cyndr the Mountain Heart before, you don't need a quest to complete this dungeon. You may enter the dungeon and complete it.
    As part of the September 28, 2007 game update you can no longer spam kegs on Cyndr as it as been added a delay to acquiring kegs.

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