Be greeted, honoured members of the Sagon.

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    Re: Be greeted, honoured members of the Sagon.

    Vadentor - 06.01.2005, 16:57

    Be greeted, honoured members of the Sagon.
    I salute you all, as I approach the magnificent Stonehome Clanhall, an impressive building, for sure.

    My humble name is Vadentor, and I'm here to offer you my services as a mage, my you aidance when you need it & last but not least friendship in both good & bad times.

    My history doesn't really have a lot of twists or is of any historical value for anyone else but me and perhaps my friends, I've been a rather silent individual during my years here. That, however, does not mean I didn't manage to yield a few experience points both physically and mentally.
    Althou, as of a few weeks back am I restrained to the isle of Tibia, and king Tibianus has withdrawn my special abilities as a sorcerer of the master degree. Apparently were I a bit late with the taxes, cough, you can't be perfect at all times, now can you. Oh well, he will recieve the gold as soon as possible, which should be in a few days.

    If you're more specifically interested in my past, I can tell you I've been a member of no other guild until the day I was accepted into the Black Dragons, and this is the only guild I've been in (except a small gang of hoodlums I ganged up with in some of my darker days, nothing very serious thou).

    My reasons for leaving the Black Dragons will not be told here, but if you wish to know you may simply give me, or my former leader, Toldo, a message in-game.

    After a few encounters with some ferocious monsters, I've managed to gain the level of 41, and my magic abilities has reached the level of 62.

    I'm a rather peaceful person, and I seek to be a part of the guild Sagon, for my goals seems to be the same as yours.

    Without further adue, will I know end my application, and leave the scroll at yhe Clanhall of Stonehome.

    And do not forget, if you wish to have a talk in-game - just give me a message.

    Sincerely yours,

    Re: Be greeted, honoured members of the Sagon.

    Natures Lord - 06.01.2005, 17:09

    Hello my friend..
    Before someone else say it..Be patient we are not taking new members right now but will look in to your application as soon as we start again.

    Yours truely.

    *Natures Lord

    Re: Be greeted, honoured members of the Sagon.

    Terak - 06.01.2005, 18:05

    Nice application, Vadentor.

    As NL said, just stay patient. We have many candidates to handle when we start recruiting again, and this might take some time.

    Take care and dont forget to pay your taxes! <smiles>


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