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    Re: FDS

    Anonymous - 14.09.2004, 13:02

    Hi there,

    Just a curious question:

    What is the meaning of the 3 letters and a number in
    the right corner?
    There's someting like FDS:30 (I don't know the exact letters)

    Also my mouse is slowing down when I am at level 25 and
    higher? Is that an error or just to make the level more

    Re: FDS

    vankurt - 15.09.2004, 08:26

    That strinshould be "FPS" and means "frames per second". So your game is refreshed 30 times per second. This usually shows how fast your computer is... :-D

    Your mouse is slowing down? Nope, that was not intended by me.... :cry:

    What kind of PC do you have? Gimme some stats! :wink:

    Re: FDS

    Anonymous - 29.11.2004, 14:06

    Hi there,

    Sorry I answer a bit late.

    I don't have exact statistic of my p.c., but
    after level 30 the Speed of FDS becomes half!

    So, at one p.c. I start with 60 FDS, after level 30 it
    is 30 FDS.

    At my computer at home I start with 30 FDS and after
    level 30 it is 20 (or something like that!)

    How can I manage that I:
    * start with 60 FDS
    * keep going with 60 FDS.

    The game is really nice to play, eventhough we
    spend houres to play it to get a highscore.
    But the slow speed is really bad!

    Re: FDS

    Anonymous - 09.12.2004, 13:54

    Well. I found out what the problem is:
    when I start Fruitastic Plus, my CPU-use is 100%!
    So things are very slow then...
    How can I solve this problem???

    Re: FDS

    vankurt - 09.12.2004, 22:50

    Well, actually that game shouldn't be too hardware hungry...what was your hardware? Any decent GraCa (Geforce/Radeon) together with an AthlonXP or P3+ should do fine...
    And 100% CPU-usage is normal. As long as no other application needs CPU-time, any single app can use the full 100%. Don't worry about this.
    So please tell me more about your PC...

    Re: FDS

    Anonymous - 10.12.2004, 14:10

    What do you want to know? And, more important,
    were can I find this information??

    Re: FDS

    vankurt - 11.12.2004, 11:41

    CPU-speed, GraCa, RAM etc. are important things when playing games. You could look into your system's control panel (don't know what this is called in English ;-) ) That window where you have an overview of your hardware... know what I mean? 8)

    Re: FDS

    Anonymous - 12.12.2004, 21:00

    Oke, I found allmost the most things you asked.

    Platform: Windows XP, Service Pack 2
    RAM: 512MB
    CPU 2,20 GHz

    What in a name is GraCA?

    I think my computer must be good enough to play your
    game propperly.

    Maybe it has something to do with the monitor configuration?

    Re: FDS

    vankurt - 14.12.2004, 17:13

    Your machine should definately be fast enough for this kind of game ;-)
    Witch GraCa I mean graphics card...that is also very important. Which one do you have?

    You could try to disable VSync, maybe that helps (right click your desktop, select settings .... and then in your GraCa settings disable OpenGL VSync).

    Re: FDS

    Anonymous - 18.12.2004, 18:40

    I have Intel(R) Extreme Graphics.

    Resolution 1024x768
    Frequence: 75 Hz. (I can't get this higher. Maybe that's te
    32 true colors.

    I can't find Vsync. I already looked on the configuration
    and then screen options. I tried every option, but my
    computer can get slower, but not faster. So I think my
    graphic card is not that good, or my screen isn't that

    Re: FDS

    vankurt - 19.12.2004, 19:40

    That seems to be the problem. This kind of graphics card will definately have problems with 3D graphics ;-)
    Is it a notebook?

    Re: FDS

    Anonymous - 20.12.2004, 12:55

    Hi Boris,

    Well, I agree this is the problem between starting with FDS 60
    and starting with FDS 30, but after level 24 the FDS is falling
    down! And (that's my conclusion) that has nothing to do with
    the monitor? When you play the game by yourself, don't you
    have this problem??

    Re: FDS

    vankurt - 22.12.2004, 14:09

    No, I don't... Mh, I have to admit I don't know how to solve your problem...
    (at the moment I have no time going through the game's code trying to optimize it) :-(
    Maybe you should get a newer GFX card? ;-)

    Re: FDS

    Anonymous - 25.12.2004, 17:55

    If you pay, I don't mind!!

    Re: FDS

    Sir-Blaster - 06.01.2005, 03:44

    MV wrote: If you pay, I don't mind!!

    Hehe, why dont you pay his card? Would be funny. :p

    Re: FDS

    vankurt - 06.01.2005, 16:02

    Hey, I'm a poor student...I hardly got enough money to feed myself.... ;-)

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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