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    Re: Coogles / Fruitastic

    Anonymous - 31.08.2004, 13:00

    Coogles / Fruitastic
    Hello everone,

    Coogles is an endless game...
    When you are just patience enough
    you can get any score you want.
    So I was the first one getting over 10.000
    point, and then I was sick of the game,
    because I played it for houres and houres!
    (and not getting at the end of the game)
    But there are some people with
    more patience than me... and
    they get better scores.

    So therefore I like the game
    Fruitastic much more!!
    It is a stress game, but nice and
    at one point very hard to get a better score!


    Re: Coogles / Fruitastic

    Sir-Blaster - 31.08.2004, 20:04

    Yea, it´s really nice. but you say it, after too long time it will go boring.

    I think it would be funny to make Modes where you need to get a Fixed Value of Points in a Specific time. ;)

    Re: Coogles / Fruitastic

    vankurt - 01.09.2004, 09:22

    That's true. Some additional game modes wouldn't be bad ;-)

    To be honest: these games aren't final versions. I just stopped developing them as soon as they were playable. Maybe I'll continue to improve some them somewhere in the future.....

    At the moment I don't got enough time to do so. But maybe you could start with posting a wish-list? That'd be a great help and would definately speed things up :-D

    Re: Coogles / Fruitastic

    Anonymous - 01.09.2004, 12:44

    Oke, I will brainstorm and let you know my wishes.

    (Not bad, when someone says to you: say a wish,
    I'll make it happen!)

    Re: Coogles / Fruitastic

    vankurt - 01.09.2004, 21:48

    Yeah, you may call me a fairy... :wink:
    That's the good thing with independand, little developers: they can take care of every single fan out there and listen to his wishes........ :P

    So, go ahead and post your ideas.... Coogles II (or whatever) will be coming...

    Re: Coogles / Fruitastic

    Anonymous - 03.09.2004, 13:15

    Oke, here's what I wish.


    You start with a simple level, for exemple: less (different) colours
    and less in a row (f.e. just two to line up)
    You can play this (easy) level for say 5 minutes.

    That one to the next level. 3 in a row, than 4 in a row,
    than 5 in a row. And every level two minutes longer playtime.

    After 5 in a row, you can do a level 5 in a row lots of colours...

    Can you do something like that?

    Re: Coogles / Fruitastic

    Sir-Blaster - 03.09.2004, 13:26

    And per level is the Playfield growing smaller. ^^

    That would be funny.

    Re: Coogles / Fruitastic

    vankurt - 03.09.2004, 16:12

    Quote: Can you do something like that?

    Well, I guess I do! :lol:
    I'll definately take up your ideas.... more?

    Re: Coogles / Fruitastic

    Anonymous - 06.09.2004, 13:15

    For this moment I haven't any more ideas.
    But when you launch your new Coogles I
    think I will have new ideas!

    Re: Coogles / Fruitastic

    Anonymous - 10.09.2004, 13:05

    I have also an idea for the "old" game coogles

    Can you add a save option in this game?

    Then I won't have to play houres and houres at the same
    day to reach the highscores

    Re: Coogles / Fruitastic

    vankurt - 11.09.2004, 12:26

    In the second version you'll have the choice between several different game modes. So you won't have to play stupid endless mode any more! ;-)

    I'm thinking of:

    Time-mode, strategy-mode, puzzle-mode, action-mode and endless-mode

    Not quite sure which of these will actually be fun... ;-)

    Re: Coogles / Fruitastic

    Anonymous - 13.09.2004, 13:08

    When will the next Coogles be ready?

    Re: Coogles / Fruitastic

    vankurt - 13.09.2004, 23:08

    Sadly game programing isn't my job. And at the moment I have absolutely no free time because I'm leaving home (moving to Aachen) where I'll go the university. So during the next month my whole life will change.... ;-)

    As soon as I'm over this I'll continue creating games... But to be honest: I love that shit so much that I'm spending the one or other hour even now on programming ;-)
    (I just can't help it).....because of all this I can't give you the exact date ;-)

    But what I can tell you: the engine (50% 3D this time) is almost ready :-D

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